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Manage Unread Email in Outlook

A Neat Trick to Prevent Unread Mail From Building Up

When you have time this weekend, try this email organizing trick to help you keep your inbox in good shape. One of the things that overwhelms people the most is having an endless number of unread emails to respond to.

This problem affects those who have a tendency to respond to high-priority emails right away, while leaving other less-urgent emails for later. As time goes by, your unread emails may build up because you just never found the time to get around to it. If this sounds all too familiar, you may be relieved to know there's an easy solution for this if you use Outlook — create a smart folder that automatically filters just the unread email. Here's a simple video for Mac users:

And if Gmail is your email of choice, all you need to do is enter "label:unread" in the search bar, click "search mail," and the results will be all unread emails from every folder. Go through the unread mail and delete ones you don't need and respond to ones that need replies.

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