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Men Receiving Alimony

Are Men Who Receive Alimony Any Different Than Women?

A story about men receiving alimony payments from their ex-wives got front-page placement in the Wall Street Journal this week. Some men who have been hiding their financial arrangements are now "shaking off the stigma of being supported by their ex-wives." In case you're not exactly sure, the WSJ explains what exactly is alimony.

Alimony — a distinctly different category from child support — is the money that higher-earning spouses hand to their lower-earning counterparts following the end of their marriage. Often it is court-ordered, years in duration and based on big discrepancies in spousal incomes.

It mentions that the perception of men who receive alimony has been that they're slackers. But the article also says that most men receiving the payments from their ex-wives made career sacrifices, for the sake of their other halves' careers, which caused the men to earn less during the marriage than they could have.


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