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What Do You Think of Microsoft Bing's Japan Quake Campaign?

Microsoft Bing quickly backed away from their Japan Quake Twitter campaign once the outrage began from Twitter users. On Saturday, its official Twitter account, @, said they would donate a $1 for every retweet they get of their pledge to donate up to $100,000.

Some users started fuming and saw it as "exploitation" of tragic events happening in Japan. "just write the goddam cheque and cut out the spam. What do you need to be lauded for the humanitarian aid?" tweets @jonhoneyball.

I can understand why Bing's efforts can be seen as negative and they probably didn't pick the best way to address the issue. The situation is so sensitive that public backlash is easily triggered. Keep in mind that Bing's ultimate intention is positive, and it's heartwarming to see companies doing something for the tragedy. Remember what Bill Gates, the man behind Microsoft, has done for philanthropy. His foundation is the biggest one in America, and the only reason that his Forbes billionaire ranking dropped is because of his efforts to give away his wealth to charity.

Now's the time for people to come together and not to spew negativity. If you're looking do your part, read our tips on the smart ways to donate. Going back to the topic of Bing's marketing debacle — do you think it was a PR fail or nice (albeit a little misguided) show of support?

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Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
I'm going to be the wet blanket and agree with people who found this move tacky. Just donating $100k would have been nice, and it would have still earned goodwill for Bing. Or saying, "We've donated $100k. For every RT, we'll donate another dollar!" would have also gone down more easily. I'm not outraged, and don't know why people would be over something this small, but it wasn't handled the best.
amber512 amber512 6 years
There are so many ways to donate and this was just another way. I am shocked so many people were outraged, but I understand what they are saying.
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