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50 Most Pinned Awe-Inspiring Travel Spots

Jul 8 2014 - 11:44am

Pinterest is, for many users, a serene method of temporary escape from the everyday. It makes sense, then, that travel-related pins make up one of the site's most popular categories. By pinning places on your travel bucket list, you can not only muse about future trips, but also help organize vacations that are quickly approaching. Pinterest's search and discover feature [1] makes travel planning easy. Scores of users have pinned their sightseeing hopes and dreams, resulting in over 750 million travel pins site-wide. From these, Pinterest compiled a list of the site's most pinned locations in the entire world, and these places are major wanderlust fuel. Check them out!
Source: Shutterstock [2]

Trampoline Bridge, Paris

This Parisian bridge has Pinterest users jumping for joy.
Source: Courtesy of kimach06 via Pinterest [3]

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

A trip to France is not complete without visiting this iconic tower.
Source: Courtesy of jkhani via Pinterest [4]

London, England

This bustling British city is all over Pinterest and comes in third place for most pinned travel locations.
Source: Courtesy of paulac63 via Pinterest [5]

New York City

This concrete jungle is a magnet to world travelers, with good reason. Source: Courtesy of cntraveler via Pinterest [6]

Abraham Lake, Canada

The unique serenity of this lake is undoubtedly why it ranks at the top of Pinterest's travel category.
Source: Courtesy of solotraveler1 via Pinterest [7]

Blue Lagoon (Bláa Lónio), Iceland

Iceland has been used as the backdrop for science fiction films like Prometheus due to the country's alien beauty, and the Blue Lagoon adds to its otherworldly vibe.
Source: Courtesy of graziwidman via Pinterest [8]

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hugely popular Fault in Our Stars may have contributed to this city's Pinterest fame by educating users about Amsterdam's beauty.
Source: Courtesy of Sipora via Pinterest [9]

Central Park, NYC

After years in the spotlight of iconic films, Central Park is still enchanting travelers.
Source: Courtesy of newyork24seven via Pinterest [10]

Taormina, Italy

Who could resist these gorgeous Italian streets?
Source: Courtesy of lynpc via Pinterest [11]

Venice, Italy

Gondolas and gelato await any Pinterest users exploring Italy.
Source: Courtesy of armatom via Pinterest [12]

Glacier National Park, MT

Montana's natural beauty is an indescribable sight.
Source: Courtesy of ktravis2 via Pinterest [13]

Rome, Italy

Ruins can be romantic, as Rome proves time and again.
Source: Courtesy of evagn via Pinterest [14]

The Crags, Australia

Pinterest users are sure to see incredible things in this wonderful country.
Source: Courtesy of steph_oden via Pinterest [15]

Barcelona, Spain

Socially acceptable siestas are one way to ensure a great vacation!
Source: Courtesy of mandysusan via Pinterest [16]

The Caves Resort, Jamaica

This Jamaican resort looks absolutely gorgeous. No wonder it's so popular on Pinterest!
Source: Courtesy of paigeespo via Pinterest [17]

Ennis Bluebonnet Festival, TX

The open plains of Texas are even more beautiful when covered in blue blooms.
Source: Courtesy of silicia61 via Pinterest [18]

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Architecture and engineering buffs will love to visit this work of art.
Source: Courtesy of jaypins via Pinterest [19]

Musée du Louvre, Paris

While it houses priceless works of art inside, the Louvre museum itself is a masterpiece.
Source: Courtesy of mandysusan via Pinterest [20]

Prague, Czech Republic

The intricate architecture and plentiful old bridges throughout this European city make it a splendid vacation spot for history enthusiasts.
Source: Courtesy of bvantre2 via Pinterest [21]

Viewpoint Ingang Jachthaven Reitdiep (Waterworld), Netherlands

It's hard to imagine how incredible this community must be in person.
Source: Courtesy of jkhani via Pinterest [22]

Bagan, Myanmar

This photo looks like something out of a fantasy, and it is likely more incredible in person.
Source: Courtesy of inspired1206 via Pinterest [23]

Big Ben, London

This clock is famous worldwide and is a must-see in any vacation to the United Kingdom.
Source: Courtesy of kayliz1 via Pinterest [24]

Budapest, Hungary

Dusk in Hungary looks absolutely magical.
Source: Courtesy of farisakhalid via Pinterest [25]

Westminster Abbey, London

The iconic spires of this historic abbey have enchanted visitors for hundreds of years, and Pinterest is keeping the interest alive.
Source: Courtesy of phoenixrising91 via Pinterest [26]

Portknockie, Scotland

This environment's crisp, cool colors look like the perfect setting for a relaxing trip.
Source: Courtesy of dking1192 via Pinterest [27]

Istanbul, Turkey

There are plenty of unforgettable locations to visit in Istanbul!
Source: Courtesy of theplumblog via Pinterest [28]

Santorini, Greece

This Greek island is known for its beautiful blue-roofed houses and friendly people.
Source: Courtesy of esperas via Pinterest [29]

Florence, Italy

Pinterest users show love for Renaissance culture through plentiful pins of historic Florence.
Source: Courtesy of paigeespo via Pinterest [30]

Yosemite National Park, CA

While the pins of Yosemite are beautiful, the views of this national park have to be seen in person.
Source: Courtesy of rachlizben via Pinterest [31]

Masjid Putra, Malaysia

There is no wonder that this beautiful spot landed on the top 50 travel pins list!
Source: Courtesy of inspired1206 via Pinterest [32]

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik looks like a true Winter wonderland.
Source: Courtesy of LindseyBurrus via Pinterest [33]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is at the top of many travel bucket lists these days, due to the country's role as host to the recent soccer World Cup and the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games.
Source: Courtesy of shweetz85 via Pinterest [34]

Notre Dame, Paris

This historic attraction has inspired authors, filmmakers, and musicians for hundreds of years.
Source: Courtesy of solotraveler1 via Pinterest [35]

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fans of Tangled might be interested in attending this festival of floating lanterns.
Source: Courtesy of belupm via Pinterest [36]

Boulders Beach, South Africa

Who wouldn't want to see warm-weather penguins on their trip abroad?
Source: Courtesy of dking1192 via Pinterest [37]

Edinburgh, Scotland

A castle in the city center, lively nightlife, and a plethora of whiskey distilleries are just a few reasons why Pinterest users chose wisely with their travel pins about Edinburgh.
Source: Courtesy of hannieb90 via Pinterest [38]

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

Like something out of a children's book illustration, this location is sure to be magical.
Source: Courtesy of solotraveler1 via Pinterest [39]

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The Bolivian culture is generally very vibrant and friendly, which just adds to the beauty of this vacation spot.
Source: Courtesy of GiveItAllToGod via Pinterest [40]

Segovia, Spain

Castles are a wonderful place to visit on an international vacation because they combine history and architecture into one pretty package.
Source: Courtesy of triciamarie2 via Pinterest [41]

New Orleans, LA

Food, nightlife, and a unique blend of cultures make New Orleans an ideal spot for a fun vacation.
Source: Courtesy of czdavies via Pinterest [42]

Hallstatt, Austria

Austria has it all: mountains, lakes, great food, and friendly people.
Source: Courtesy of buchbunch via Pinterest [43]

Canal de la Garonne, France

This romantic spot is a peaceful place for a French getaway.
Source: Courtesy of martinnorth via Pinterest [44]

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Peter Jackson didn't pick New Zealand as the setting for his Lord of the Rings series for nothing; the country's beauty is unmatched.
Source: Courtesy of LindseyBurrus via Pinterest [45]

Montmarte, Paris

As evidenced by the many French locations on this list, you just need to get yourself to France.
Source: Courtesy of seadoochk via Pinterest [46]

Atrani, Italy (Amalfi Coast)

If the Amalfi Coast was good enough for Kim Kardashian's honeymoon [47], it's definitely a luxurious place to visit!
Source: Courtesy of melinnaaa via Pinterest [48]

Big Sur, CA

There are few places as relaxing as this nature escape.
Source: Courtesy of charcole via Pinterest [49]

The Vegas Strip — Las Vegas, NV

Pinterest users like to get their party on in Vegas! After all, it is a site filled with creative recipes for Jell-O shots [50].
Source: Courtesy of thebobbaron via Pinterest [51]

Machu Picchu, Peru

Many describe the hike to Machu Picchu as a life-changing experience.
Source: Courtesy of malorie via Pinterest [52]

Taj Mahal, India

This spot is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, so it's not surprising that pinners love this travel pin.
Source: Courtesy of reardonm via Pinterest [53]

Sydney Opera House, Australia

You don't have to be a fan of classical opera to include the Sydney Opera House on your travel bucket list — it is beautiful even if you're only looking from the outside!
Source: Courtesy of malorie via Pinterest [54]

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