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Most Shocking Headline: Women Spend $1,500 on Dry Cleaning Each Year

Sometimes, we look back at our monthly transactions and wonder how so much money seemed to slip though our fingers. When we take a microscope to our expenses it becomes clear that all of the little things add up to something substantial, including those monthly dry cleaning bills.

We all know what we're getting into when we buy something tagged dry-clean only, but most of us do it anyway. In fact, some of us send so much clothing to the cleaners that women spend an average $1,500 a year on dry cleaning alone, and 65 percent of those clothes are actually machine washable!

We were shocked to learn this number and many of you savvy ladies reacted by proclaiming your love for the home dry cleaning product, Dryel. It seems that paying closer attention can really pay off, whether it's reading the labels on our clothes or listening to alternative advice.


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