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My Company Is Trying to Get Me to Quit

Ask Savvy: I Think HR Is Trying to Get Me to Quit

This reader posted in our Ask Savvy group explaining her predicament, saying that she has a feeling her company wants her to quit. Any suggestions on how she should deal with the situation?

I have been having issues with my boss for the past year. He has done many things that have led me to think he is discriminating me based on my gender. I reported my concern to HR three months ago and despite two follow ups on my side they have yet to resolve the issue. However, on Friday my boss and our HR representative talked to me about "how I'm doing" and that if I think I can't handle the job to tell them and they will help find another job. I left the conversation feeling like they are trying to get me to quit. Are there any other approaches or resources I might be able to look in to to handle this issue? I am looking for a new job but I can't afford to leave this one until I have something else.

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la-nouvelle-vague la-nouvelle-vague 5 years
An attorney could be quite helpful but ONLY If you think you have a legitimate claim. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time, money and resources. It could just be that your boss simply doesn't understand the issues you're having with him and doesn't know how to approach it. Have you talked to him directly? You could potentially ask him what he thinks of your performance and why he might have thought you cannot handle it. It's a difficult conversation to have but it might be worth it. I didn't like the way my old boss treated me (they way he spoke to me, how he sometimes belittled me in front of clients, etc.) and it was extremely hard to address it with him but I'm glad I did. But it truly sounds like you're very unhappy so I vote for continuing to look for another job. Maybe contact a career counselor who could help you with your job search and accelerate the process of finding a new job. Probably less costly than a lawyer too...
amytnguyen amytnguyen 5 years
There's always the option of seeking out advice from attorney if you think you have a valid gender/employment discrimination claim. But that will be costly. I suggest just continue searching for another job and maybe try to contact even higher authority.
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