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New Ways to Boost Immune System

6 Unique Ways to Fend Off Illnesses and Avoid Medical Bills

There are very few things that are worse than getting sick. Not only will you have pricey medical bills to pay, but you may also have to skip out on work. Fortunately, you can employ plenty of preventative methods to avoid falling ill. We've heard the usual "eat right and exercise" advice, so here are a couple of tactics that you may not have heard of:

  • Immune boosters in a pill: Although you've heard of the usual immune boosters like vegetables and fruits, there are a couple of holistic cures you might want to try. There's New Chapter's LifeShield Immunity ($20), which is a supplement made out of a combination of mycelium, fruiting bodies, spores, and extracellular compounds from tonic mushrooms.
  • Take ginseng with your vaccine: When you get a flu vaccine, try taking some ginseng with it so you'll bounce back from the effects of the vaccine. There was a study done in which only 13 percent of the group of participants who took ginseng with flu vaccinations caught colds vs. 37 percent of the placebo group.
  • Trick yourself psychologically: Don't discount old wives' remedies! Even if you don't have any scientific proof, perhaps the cures have some sort of psychological effect that results in physical effects. For example, a cure for cough that works for me is rubbing vapor rub over my feet and wearing socks at night. Another scientifically disproved treatment is Airborne, which somehow always fends off a cold when I feel one coming on.

Read on for more tips.

  • Acupuncture: In Chinese medicine, doctors attribute a poor immune system to an imbalance of qi. One of the main ways to restore your qi is to get acupuncture treatments. It's also known by experts to stimulate the immune system.
  • Meditation: Relax your mind and improve your well-being by taking on meditation. Experts say the mind of those who meditate differ greatly from those who don't practice it. Once you're trained, you'll have a much better emotional response to stressors, which may help greatly with stressful situations at work or just life in general. Try meditation, tai chi, or yoga classes. You might prefer Pilates if you're a more active person.
  • White noise generator: Sleep is a big factor in getting sick. If it's an issue for you, perhaps it's because you live in a city where there is too much noise. Solve this problem with a white noise generator like the Conair Sound Therapy ($14), or you can even wear earplugs when you sleep.
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