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Nicole Chiu From The Apprentice

Was The Apprentice a Flop or Win?

Last night, I grabbed some chips and eagerly waited in anticipation of the kickoff show of The Apprentice. Yup, it's not a celebrity version this time because this season revolves around the theme of the recession. This means real people who are facing the crunch of the economic downturn just like you and me. The ratings of the show were pretty disappointing, and only 4.7 million viewers tuned in to watch, which is relatively low for a first episode of a Summer reality show. It's also the lowest-rated episode in all of the 10 seasons that the show's been running for.

I thought the episode was alright — the same bickering and cat fights. I was slightly disappointed to see Nicole Chiu, who holds a J.D. from Loyola Law School, voted off last night. I felt like she would've been one of the more interesting candidates given some time. Seems like the former pageant beauty was thrown another lifeline: Trump said he's going to give her a job interview for his Miss Universe Organization.

Image Source: NBC
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