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The Office Episode 12

The Office: Last Night's Most Relatable Moments

During last night's episode of The Office, we witnessed Stanley talking back to Michael during a waste-of-time brainstorming meeting about how to "energize" the company. Michael decides to "fake fire" Stanley in order to teach him a lesson, but when he does it's Michael who gets a piece of Stanley's mind. It's obvious that Stanley has been holding in his remarks for years and isn't holding anything back. My favorite line? When he calls Michael a "professional idiot." He's probably had most of this speech prepared as part of his "I quit" fantasy that we've all had in one painful job or another. Would your exit speech be something like Stanley's, or would you take a different approach? Watch the interaction below and then check out BuzzSugar's full recap of last night's hilarious episode.

kastarte2 kastarte2 9 years
"Professional Idiot" would be a good line for my I'm Quiting speech? Do you think thye would notice if I referenced the office? lol I've obviously always fantisized about some big dramatic entrance. I think Scarface in Half-Baked did it best. But I don't think I would ever actually do something like that. You never know when you have to go crawling back. ;) I have never not respected a boss to the level of disresepct I have for the one I currently work for and I still won't tell her off when I leave.
emalove emalove 9 years
I wish Michael had used "fluffy fingers"...I was waiting for it!
danigraham danigraham 9 years
It was hilarious when Michael went to Darryl for advice---"Fluffy Fingers" and Pam's Glasses--and Michael's comments about them. I heart Jim and Pam! haha. I love, love, love The Office
ehadams ehadams 9 years
My favorite moment was when Dwight revealed his emergency plan. Also, Pam interpreting Kelly. Classic!
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