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Office Romance

The End of Office Romance

I think I just heard a death knell while I was reading the article on office romance by Business Week. It shines a pretty interesting light on a unique trend that has emerged from the recession. With the nationwide unemployment rate currently at 9.6 percent, job insecurity has been rising, which is leading to a growing wariness about starting relationships at the workplace. Those against it say it's a distraction and a potential sexual harassment suit, while proponents say office romance can make employees want to stay on at a company and take fewer sick days.

I actually know a few people who found their significant others through their company. One couple decided to keep it a secret until they were close to marriage because they just didn't want their colleagues gossiping about them or commenting on their relationship. Their company didn't make them sign a "love contract" that some companies apparently have, so they weren't breaking any rules. Do you agree with office romances, or do you think dating should be kept separate from work?

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