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Office Romance

The End of Office Romance

I think I just heard a death knell while I was reading the article on office romance by Business Week. It shines a pretty interesting light on a unique trend that has emerged from the recession. With the nationwide unemployment rate currently at 9.6 percent, job insecurity has been rising, which is leading to a growing wariness about starting relationships at the workplace. Those against it say it's a distraction and a potential sexual harassment suit, while proponents say office romance can make employees want to stay on at a company and take fewer sick days.

I actually know a few people who found their significant others through their company. One couple decided to keep it a secret until they were close to marriage because they just didn't want their colleagues gossiping about them or commenting on their relationship. Their company didn't make them sign a "love contract" that some companies apparently have, so they weren't breaking any rules. Do you agree with office romances, or do you think dating should be kept separate from work?

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vabeachbum vabeachbum 6 years
I think it depends on a few things. First, I think its better if you work in completely separate areas/departments so you're not around each other all the time. Second, NEVER EVER date your boss... and if you're the boss, NEVER date someone below you... I feel like that is a recipe for all kinds of disaster. Third, I would be open about it from the beginning... I would not necessarily tell every single person about it, but I would make sure my immediate supervisors knew. I think its okay as long as both of you follow any rules the company has and you can be mature about it if it doesn't work out. Of course, if you think its going to be awkward if you break up or if you think you can't be mature about it if the person breaks up with you, then just don't do it.
HollyJRockNRoll HollyJRockNRoll 6 years
I would be cautious of this. I met my boyfriend at work, but we also worked at a club at the time and in the end mixing business with pleasure caused a lot of trouble and I left the job. He eventually did too a few months later. Anyway, office romances can cause jealousy amongst co-workers and gossip and its not as easy to "hide" a romance. If its just a job, then find, but if its your career?? Um, I'd avoid shitting where I eat.
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