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Paying For Out-of-Town Guest? Most Readers Say No Way

The hostess may have the mostess, but that doesn't mean she should pay. At least according to a recent poll, where I asked if you typically foot the bill for out-of-town guests. Sixty-four percent of Savvy readers say they're happy to host but don't cover meals or activities, while the remaining 36 percent say treating guests is part of being a good host. I'm not shocked by the findings, but I was intrigued by your passionate comments. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I think for one meal, definitely, yes. Maybe even two. At least, that's my opinion. But for all? That's a bit much. After one to two meals, it's taking advantage. Guests who are staying over should factor in food and activities expenses into their trip. Just because they've paid to come see you doesn't mean you have to foot the bill. — bigestivediscuit
  • When I go visit my friends, especially who live in vacation destinations like Hawaii, LA, or New York, I feel like I should pick up the tabs (and usually do) because they are the ones hosting me... — onlysourcherry
  • You ever heard how you should deny someone's offer at least three times before accepting? Even if you both know how it's going to end, I guess the struggle is a way of acknowledging the grand gesture. — Anonymous
  • I could see paying for dinner that first night, but otherwise I wouldn't. — amber512
  • I'd pay for a couple of meals, but I doubt I'd pay for anything else unless it was a special occasion like a birthday. — Kellanawida

What camp are you in? Share your vote on the original post.

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jessy777 jessy777 7 years
I guess it depends on the relationship you have and the amount of money you have. I pay for my friends for most meals when they come to visit and they do the same for me when I go there. It is a you got me now I got you thing. I can see how people might not agree but my few friends are my family and I treat them as such. That is just me though.
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