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Reader Asks: Is There an App For Sticking to Budgets?

Sometimes money and career questions can feel so sensitive and personal that it makes sense to stay anonymous when asking them. This is why the Savvy Confessions community group is the perfect place to vent because all postings are kept anonymous.

In the latest Savvy Confessions, a reader asks for if anyone has suggestions for apps that help you stick to budgets.

Let me start out by saying — I'm a really, really bad organizer when it comes to my finances. I have no structure right now, and as a result, I am having major issues with my budget! However, I know making a spreadsheet on Excel or Google Doc isn't for me. Is there any other way, a more . . . interesting way to remember or keep track of my finances? There has to be an app for this or something?! Help!

Share your own career- and finance-related questions anonymously in the Savvy Confessions group for a chance to be featured on SavvySugar and be advised by fellow Savvy readers.

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la-nouvelle-vague la-nouvelle-vague 5 years
I'll reiterate MIAMOE15, is a fabulous app for managing your finances. It not only keeps your budgets organized but it's actually fun to use! You can set different budgets based on your needs and also create goals to help you set aside money to save for a vacation, new car, etc. and track your progress. It syncs all your accounts into one, so you can see all your checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, loans, IRAs, whatever in one place.
MIAMOE15 MIAMOE15 5 years is a great one and has an app that you can download to your phone. You can set your budgets and alerts on when your bills are due or whether or not your sticking to your budget. You only have to input your data once so really there is no further updating needed on your part unless you adjust your budgets. Hope this helps!
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