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Pets at the Office

What's Your Take on Pets at the Office?

Office life, outside of TV, can be pretty run-of-the-mill. While there are those days when something surprises, things are never even close to reaching that Michael Scott-esque boiling point. Still, when I was catching up with a friend recently, she shared a work story that's almost on par with the antics at Dunder Mifflin. Apparently one of her co-workers is in the habit of bringing her cat to work. And not just on Bring Your Pet to Work Day. The cat eats and plays, barricaded for the day in her co-worker's cube.

Now, I've heard of pet-friendly offices before, but I've never actually worked in one where pets were brought on a regular basis. Still, my friend didn't have anything too negative to say. While the cat was a distraction at first, she said it's now a pretty welcome fixture at the office and doesn't really bother anyone (thankfully no one's allergic). But, regardless of how the cat and the office workers have acclimated, it still seems a bizarre situation for the workplace. So, of course, now I'm curious: have you ever brought a pet to work? What do you think about taking your dog, cat, or goldfish to the office?

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