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Primark Harry Potter Collection

This Irish Brand's New Harry Potter Collection Is So Damn Magical and Affordable, I'm Crying

Primark Harry Potter Collection
Image Source: Primark

You may want to hop off your broom and sit down for this one. Irish retailer Primark has launched a new Harry Potter collection that will have you saying "take all my galleons!" But seriously, I actually teared up a little looking at these products. Cozy house throw blankets, glittery totes, slippers, mugs, PJ sets, an invisibility cloak robe, a Polyjuice Potion mason jar . . . I need a moment.

Unfortunately, Primark does not currently offer online shopping, so you'll have to either apparate to a location near you or bribe a friend who lives near one to ship you the entire collection. Accio ALL THE THINGS!

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