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Pros and Cons of Using a Travel Agent

Pros and Cons of Using a Travel Agent: Honeymoon Planner, Part I

After you and your fiancé have figured out what you can afford to pay for your honeymoon, the next step is to choose the ideal location to celebrate your new marriage. Costs can vary greatly depending on destination so it's best to come up with a short list of places that you'd love to visit. A list of three to five locations means that while your budget is fixed, you are flexible and will be able to find an affordable vacation in one of your options.

Wedding planning can seem like a second job in itself and leaves little time for focusing on your honeymoon. Whether or not a travel agent makes sense for your honeymoon mainly depends on what type of trip you want and where you're headed. For example, venturing on an African safari is almost impossible to plan on your own, while booking an all-inclusive resort in the Virgin Islands is something you can do simply with the assistance of resort staff. Find out the pros and cons of using a travel agent when you



  • Travel agents greatly simplify the planning process. They can be involved in different capacities depending on your needs but are capable of coordinating all of your travel, accommodations, and excursion plans.
  • As travel specialists they are aware of the quality of various accommodations and their recommendations may be based on their own experiences. The expectations they set are realistic and you may not get the same well-researched opinions when you do-it-yourself online.
  • Agents make sure you're set to get from here to there and everywhere in between, and they also know exactly which documents you'll need for smooth travel.


  • You're paying for a service. Agents receive commissions from all travel providers except airlines and some will charge a booking fee for your flights. Many agents will charge a planning fee when you solicit their services which can later be applied toward your trip once it's booked. Think of this as a security deposit: They don't want to have wasted their time planning a trip if you're not serious about following through.
  • You're putting a lot of trust in someone else. While you dictate the kind of trip that you're looking for and of course are invited to give input along the way, you're trusting that the agent is presenting you with the best deals and options available.

If you do choose to plan your honeymoon through a travel agency, ask family and friends for their agency recommendations.

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sfbutterfly24 sfbutterfly24 9 years
Please do your homeowrk when picking a travel agent becuase their is nothing is worse than a travel agent that has no idea of what they are doing and they have no information or idea of the place you want to go.
mazdagirluk mazdagirluk 9 years
I am telling all my friends to use a travel agent! It worked out so well for us! Our travel agent cost us NOTHING. She got us better deals than we tried to get ourselves. We did some research about Hawaii hotels and flights of our own and after she suggested 3 hotels in Honolulu and 3 condo resorts in Maui, we knew where to go! (We had told her we want to pick the location, but wanted to see her recommendations). She hooked us up with lei greetings, shuttle transportation to/from airports, rental Mustang convertible, hotel rooms with great views, and free tourist passes to events! Plus it all came in a red wallet/organizer so it was all in one place for us. She is based in NJ, but we live in GA - very easy to work with her by email and phone. We are using her for all our future trips since our experience was so stress-free and affordable! :)
jelibeann jelibeann 9 years
I just got back from my honeymoon last week. We used a travel agent and we could not have asked for more - everything from the airport pick-up, to the resorts and connecting flights between islands (we went to the Caribbean) was perfect. The best part was that we originally had our minds sent on a much further, more expensive vacation and he was able to plan an incredible trip for us within our budget and timeframe. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to book a trip out of the NY/Long Island area - feel free to contact me for name/number.
MindayH MindayH 9 years
The last time I used a travel agent was because of the travel insurance and cancellation refund that the agency provided, which would be something to potentially look into.
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