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We each develop a unique saving style over the years, which is why we started the How Do You Save? group for you to divulge your winning tactics. It offers a place for you to dole out your advice to other SavvySugar readers trying to save a little moolah and learn from their experiences. Senorita reminds us that tracking and keeping a budget isn't always exciting, but it is a surefire way to quickly shed light on your unnecessary spending.

To learn her story and tip,


Senorita shares:

So not so long ago when I first met my boyfriend, now current husband, he introduced me to the idea of keeping a budget. He set up a really easy to follow spreadsheet where I could enter each day what I spent and set up an estimate as to what I would spend on rent, bills, food and, of course, fun! After a month, I was amazed I was spending over a thousand dollars on clothes and fun. I wasn't going out and buying a couple really expensive items but it was all the smaller stuff that just quickly adds up. I must admit I was completely shocked and afterward definitely felt like I had really had nothing to show for the money spent. Well, lesson learned, I continued to use the budget sheet, just to keep my spending in check and was eventually able to start saving a lot more each month!

If you are ready to follow Senorita's lead and start tackling your spending check out our selection of SavvySugar organizational downloads.

Do you have a tip for readers? Join our How Do You Save? group and share your helpful suggestions. Here's a detailed guide to posting questions or posts to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community.

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