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Real-Life Hacks

25 Tricks to Make Life Easier

Life will get easier if you follow these hacks cited by Business Insider.

Cheat codes are secret combinations that unlock special abilities in video games.

Reddit users have compiled a long list of "real-life cheats" that can help you navigate the mall, the bar, Macy's and everywhere else.

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We've picked out our favorites and are sharing them here.

  • If you need to withdraw more than your limit, sometimes you can withdraw twice from the same ATM or the one next to it before the bank stops you.
  • When you're talking to someone, cross your arms to check if they're listening. If they cross theirs as well, they truly are.
  • If you have crushing chest pain, call 911 first. Then chew some aspirin. I work in cardiology.
  • Check the pump icon on a car's dashboard to figure out which side the gas tank is on. The pump handle (on the icon) will be on the same side as the tank.

Read on for more.

  • Stop forgetting stuff in the morning by sticking it in your shoes.
  • To stop a sneeze, tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
  • Give yourself a half hour of downtime in the morning. Your day won't feel rushed.
  • When shopping online, Google the promo codes before making a purchase. You can get anything, from free shipping to 25 percent off.
  • If your credit card's magnetic stripe gets worn out, try the plastic bag trick. Put the card in a plastic grocery bag, then swipe it. Not sure why it works, but it does.
  • Shut the f*** up. Wait for the lawyer.
  • Buy things out of season to save more money. Unless it's food, then buy it in-season.
  • Turn it off, then on again.
  • If you lose your wallet, put a hold on your credit cards. Don't cancel: Placing a hold will keep the red mark from appearing on your credit report.
  • When you spill liquid and stain your carpet, pour some salt on it. Rub it in with your hands, leave it there a few hours (or days if it's really bad) and then vacuum it out.
  • Riding a bicycle will save you tons of money on gas, parking, medical bills and the gym.
  • When you feel the urge to drink or smoke, go for a run, do 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, etc. You'll start to associate quitting the habit with being fit.
  • Peel a banana from the bottom.
  • To get through tech support quickly with an ISP, choose the option for becoming a new customer. Then ask to transfer to tech support.
  • Can't find your car and keep hitting the lock button to get it to beep? Extend the distance of key-less entry by putting the key under your chin. The signal will resonate in your skull, increasing the range dramatically.
  • Macy's credit cards usually have a 20 percent discount on purchases. I pay with the Macy's card, then immediately pay off the charge with my debit card. I just got 20 percent off my purchase and I never get a credit card bill.
  • When you park in a large parking garage, take a photo of the nearest sign (Area B2, etc) to help you remember the spot.
  • Before you comment on something, re-read it twice, then ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish.
  • When you finish showering, use your hand as a squeegee to get excess water off your body.
  • When you go to a restaurant and order a drink, ask for no ice or ice on the side. You'll get a lot more in your cup, especially at bars.
  • At the bar, sprinkle some salt on your napkin coaster so your beer doesn't stick to it.

— Jill Krasny

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