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Fantasizing About Car Accidents and Other Signs You Should Quit Your Job

According to a Business Insider survey, about half of the people polled left a job in the last two years even though they did not have a job lined up. Given the recession, you would assume that people would be thankful to have a job and just roll with the punches. The business news site collected a few personal stories of why people decided to just up and leave. Here are some of their main reasons for leaving:

  • "I would fantasize about getting into non-fatal car accidents so I could get out of work and not feel guilty."
  • "'Old Media' is dead and I would die with it if I didn't jump ship . . . I left for my mental health and to force my own hand."
  • "My boss was one of the worst human beings I have ever worked for.  He . . .  spent most of his day texting his various mistresses or lording it over us how much he made . . . His few work actions bordered on the illegal involving us in multiple lawsuits."

For more reasons, read more after the jump.

  • "They had an expectation that I’d work for free beyond the max hours I was contracted for."
  • "My spouse, an engineer, had been let go from a major networking company two years before with a very generous termination package.  I thought she'd get bored in a few months and want to start work again but she didn't . . . she was having fun.  And two years later, I wasn't . . . so I quit."
  • "I did feel my life was wasting away, I truly dreaded getting up Monday AM and going to work."
  • "I was being squeezed to cover illegal activity so I asked for a severance package and left the company."
  • "I saw myself in the same position for the next 30 years."

Can you relate to any of these reasons and have you quit a job without the safety blanket of job offers?

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WeTheLiving WeTheLiving 6 years
That headline definitly grabbed my attention because I have so done that!! One day walking into my building after lunch, there was a taxi van sitting near the doors and I saw my reflection by it in the glass and just thought, I kinda wish it would roll back and hit me a little so I don't have to go back to work. I didn't want it to seriously injure me, just enough so I didn't have to stay at work. I mean, that can't be good! Some days sitting at work, I just get this overwhelming urge to cry and I definitely know what you all mean about feeling I'm wasting my life! I just think, if I have to spend every day at this job that I hate, working with a couple horrible people (most are great, but the people in charge are miserable), and being paid next to nothing with horrible insurance, what is the point of my life. It's very depressing. I know I should feel lucky to just have a job right now, but it's hard to feel that way, and at the same time it's hard to quit a secure job.
secondstar secondstar 6 years
Fantasizing about injuries to get out of work, feeling my life waste away...check and check. Add crying in the bathroom during lunch a few times a week and drinking too much wine at night just to forget that I had to go back. Appropriately enough, I gave my notice this week and I don't have another job yet. I'll be returning to school soon to pursue a field that I'm actually passionate about. Hopefully I can find something part-time to tide me over. It's going to be tough for a while but I'm happy to be going for it finally :)
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