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Relatable Andy Cohen Quotes

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We've partnered with Lipton® to spill some unfiltered Summer tea on everything from dating conundrums to in-law issues.

Almost everyone has that one friend who always tells it like it is — and if you don't, you're guaranteed to get a double dose of that realness from TV host Andy Cohen. Always interesting and often hilarious, Andy's advice is usually just what you needed to hear — whether you wanted to or not.

Because when Andy spills the tea, he really spills it — as these five quotes from a recent interview prove. Whether he's weighing in on a dating conundrum, a tricky work situation, or some frustrating family drama, you can trust Andy to offer his unfiltered, unvarnished opinion. Read on for a serious dose of Andy Cohen real talk from our recent interview, because everyone needs to hear it now and then.

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