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Resolve to Go Green to Save in 2010

Going green isn't just about buying environmentally friendly products. It's that notion that has some people convinced that being environmentally conscious isn't going to be wallet-friendly. The truth is that a lot of small changes you can make to green your lifestyle can also help to save you cash, and don't require any major purchases. So follow these easy steps to help you put a green resolution in place for 2010.

  • Quit your paper habit — Stocking up on paper products can really start to eat into your lunch money and take away from other more important purchases, besides the fact that using all of that disposable paper can add up to a lot of inefficient waste. Instead, switch to cloth towels. Use rags to clean up spills and keep clean towels and cloth napkins on hand for meal time.

To learn the rest of my simple green tips,


  • Turn it off when not in use — It's been said before, but I'll say it again: switch electronics off when you're not using them, please. Leaving your computer or television on is an unnecessary waste of energy when you're not using them, plus, it means you're draining your finances too. Just to be extra careful, why not unplug the device altogether; some drain energy even if they're off.
  • Still don't recycle? — If you're still not on the recycling bandwagon, your bad habits are so very last decade. Instead, get in the good habit of recycling everything you can. Need a little cost incentive? Most states offer a small redeemable price per can or bottle return. It's not a whole lot, but don't scoff at the five cents per can — just think of all the empties left over from your last big party. Those can really add up, huh?

What's your eco tip for cutting costs and helping to reduce waste?

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