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Safest Part of a Plane to Sit

The Safest Seat on the Plane

Although flying is pretty safe (the odds of your plane crashing is one in 1.2 million), that fact doesn't stop fears from arising whenever we hear about a plane crash. The one in the forefront of everyone's minds right now is Asiana Flight 214, which crash-landed at the San Francisco International Airport over the weekend.

If the Asiana incident has you nervous about taking to the skies, here are some of the optimal ways to stay safe:

  • Safest seat on the plane: The safest seats are usually at the back of the plane, according to a 2007 study by Popular Mechanics. The recent Asiana crash was the exception, in that the tail of the plane was ripped off. However, sitting near the exit row instead could also mean a good chance of survival. One study found that those who sat within five rows of the exit had a higher chance of surviving. It's hard to predict how a plane will crash because there are always exceptions, so one of best things you can do to stay safe is to make sure you're belted up properly.
  • Not too tight or too loose: Securing your seat belt just right will protect you from injuries. Too loose and you may hurt your head when you bounce up and hit the roof on impact. Too tight and you may suffer stomach damage and hemorrhaging.
  • Stay calm: Keeping your wits about you will help you have a easier time exiting the plane instead of panicking and make rash moves. You also will have less risk of going into shock and hyperventilating.

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