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San Francisco ING Direct Cafe

I'm Asking: What Do You Think of the ING Direct Cafes?

I'm a huge fan of ING Direct, and I just discovered that my favorite online bank will be opening a cafe near me in San Francisco later this year! It'll be the eighth ING cafe in the nation and the first one in the Bay Area. I find the concept of drinking coffee and eating at a place where I do my banking pretty novel, but it seems like Yelp users give it a thumbs up. According to reviews, people are really digging the cafes because of the cheap food and drinks. Not to mention, you can also get a free hour of WiFi. Here are some of the Yelp reviews for a Chicago branch:

  • "This morning, I fell in love. Running late for work and needing a bagel and drink, I stopped in here because it's right by work and there was no line. A peek in the pastry department assured me that I'd get my Everything bagel! Yay! I also spotted the Naked container and picked one out [Power C]. Up to the front I'm told my total . . . $4. Yep, FOUR DOLLARS. For a bagel WITH cream cheese and a Naked juice. No tax." — Nina L.
  • "I'm a sucker for a deal, so I have two ING mugs, because you get your drinks half off every time you use them. Half off an already cheap drink?! I can't pass that up . . . " — Lora S.

I just Google-mapped the location, and it turns out the cafe is just around the corner from my office. Is this a heaven-sent sign? I'm thinking this cafe might just become my new go-to coffee spot! In addition to the affordable prices, you can even attend some of the informational events like talks on how to save money when socializing or how to teach kids about money. Not to mention, attendees at these free events will be provided with refreshments. Alright, I know I'm just going on about the good stuff — I gleaned from reading the more negative Yelp reviews that the biggest downsides to the cafes are the glaring orange color and the blatant branding all over the cafe. I can totally see how that can get a little distracting.

If you're a freebie lover, you might be happy to know that first-time customers will get a complimentary free cup of joe! To get going on this, check out this list of cafe locations. So what's your opinion — what do you think of the ING Direct cafes?

Souce: Flickr User madmarv00

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