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Save on Milk, Beef, Pork, and Eggs

Beat Rising Grocery Costs: Save on These 6 Food Products

Your groceries are about to get more expensive because of the drought that has affected most of the United States. It has been said that it's the worst drought in about the last 50 years. Food prices are on the rise, and in particular, the ones mentioned below. Here's how to beat the rising food prices and cut costs on your grocery bill:

  • Milk: Save money on milk by checking out convenience stores and gas stations, which sometimes have better prices on the dairy product. You can also alternate with cheaper powdered milk and use it in recipes that call for milk. Remember to always grab the milk with the latest expiration date so it doesn't go sour when you're still not done with it.
  • Beef: You can always save money on beef by buying in bulk. To make sure the meat doesn't go bad quickly, put it in your freezer. You can save on ground beef by mixing it with ground turkey or another cheaper grounded meat. Don't shy away from buying cheaper cuts; you can always make it taste good by marinading, tenderizing, or slow cooking it. Lean ground beef can be cheaper (and healthier!) than regular ground beef, so you might want to go with the lean option.
  • Pork: Save money on pork by buying in bulk and freezing. Go for the more inexpensive cuts like pork shoulder. If you don't mind putting in a bit of time and effort, butcher your own pork chops.
  • Chicken: Boneless and skinless chicken cuts are more expensive, so definitely opt for the bone-in cuts.
  • Turkey: One of the best ways to save on turkey is by buying it a week after Thanksgiving or another big holiday. Prices will be marked down, and if you pair it with a coupon, you'll see even bigger savings.
  • Eggs: Don't buy more than you need, or you'll be wasting eggs. Also make a note when you go shopping on the different prices you see in different stores. Just like the other food products, egg prices can differ greatly depending on the store. If you buy locally, you may also be able to get them for a cheaper price.

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