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Holiday Saving Tip: Go Semihomemade

Love her or hate her, Sandra Lee might be onto something. Here at Sugar HQ, we're all about giving homemade Christmas gifts — edible or otherwise. They’re personal, unique, and a great way to save money. But they’re also time-consuming, and it feels like it takes a ton of homemade items to match those beautiful cashmere J.Crew sweaters you’re used to giving. Last year, I discovered a great compromise: I went semihomemade for Christmas. To hear what I did,


I made batches of homemade items like pear butter, marshmallows, and bath salts, which were all relatively quick and easy. Then, I chose one small, store-bought item for each person — a book for my mom, a pair of earrings for my sister — and assembled the DIY and store-bought gifts into baskets for each family member or couple. I was thrilled with the result, and my recipients were too — the overflowing baskets felt like they’d cost much more than the $25 a person I ended up spending.

What are your tips for making your friends' and family members' seasons bright without breaking the bank?

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bsglrok132 bsglrok132 7 years
I like that idea! Buying something for everyone I care about always stresses me out because it's difficult and expensive. I haven't even started my shopping yet so I'm going to try that this year.
Spectra Spectra 7 years
We sort of compromised this year. For my immediate family, we all bought gifts for each other but for my extended family, we agreed to just bring homemade treats/food to share with everyone. So I made cinnamon hazelnut crescent cookies and homemade toffee to bring.
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