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This post comes from Girlwithagoal in our How Do You Save? group.

Staying on top of my family life, home, work and friendships is no walk in the park. It's taken me years, but here are my favorite tips for streamlining my time so I can spend my extra moments with my loved ones.

  1. Follow a shopping schedule — I try to only grocery shop twice a week. I do a super shopping mission on Sunday am with my husband and then pick up fresh veggies or anything we forgot on Wednesday or Thursday after work.
  2. Use those iPhone apps — There's an app for everything! I use the Mint app to keep my finances in order, Google Cal to keep my appointments organized, the notes section to make grocery store lists and the Epicurious app or search to check out recipes if I am at the store so I don't forget anything and have to come back.
  3. Schedule a daily "wrap it up" appointment — I used to leave the office thinking I had a half hour of work to do at home, but once I got home a half hour would turn into three hours. I now set aside the last hour of the day to wrap things up. I go over my email, check my to-do list and update it for the next am and prioritize what needs to be handled before I leave the office, or can wait for the next day.

Want more helpful tips? Keep reading!

  1. Calendar savings and workouts — I schedule my savings transfers and workouts on my Google cal and have updates sent to my email so I remember to do it.
  2. Plan one housekeeping day per month — My husband and I set aside one Saturday a month for cleaning, goal setting and organizing. He came up with the idea and I thought it was awful, but we've made it fun. Every first Saturday of the month we get up, deep clean areas of the house that need it, shower, talk about bills, savings and planning for the next few months and then head to a delicious brunch or lunch where we make sure to address the fun stuff on the horizon like weddings, vacations, parties and long term goals. We always end the day feeling on track and excited for what lies ahead.

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