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Savvy Tip: 5 Tips For Staying on Track This Weekend

The madness of the holidays has ended and you're probably back to work and in the swing of 2010. Keep up your resolutions this weekend by watching your wallet. Use these few tips for a smarter and less spendy weekend.

  1. Maximize your memberships: Save money this weekend by maximizing the memberships you have. Whether it's sitting in the sauna, popping in a Netflix DVD, or visiting the museum, you're getting more out of your money while spending less on your weekend activities.
  2. Consider cost-saving and social weekend ideas: When you work so hard all week long, it's tempting to just throw caution to the wind on the weekend and spend your hard-earned money without a plan. Put some thought into your plans and save.

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  1. Go cash only: It's hard to operate on a cash-only system, but give it a try for two days. By restricting yourself to a certain amount of cash, you'll have to make harder choices about what gatherings are worth attending and which can be skipped.
  2. Learn how to do something new: While you're spending more time at home over the weekend, apply a few free hours to honing new skills that could also save you money.
  3. Invite friends over for a clean-out-the-fridge fiesta: Most of us have leftover ingredients from a weeknight meal or some kind of perishable that's nearing its expiration date. Instead of hosting a traditional potluck, invite friends to bring over some of the things in their refrigerators that they're afraid will go to waste.
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