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Your Two Cents: Should Airlines Raise Fares?

We're all worked up over the newest news in air travel and are furious that American Airlines will begin charging $15 for a first checked bag. Stubbornly high gasoline prices have taken constant blame for the various fee hikes in recent months, and it's tough to argue when we're no strangers to feeling pain at the pump. One CNN Money writer thinks airlines should just raise their fares, and passengers would stomach higher fares better than feeling nickel-and-dimed by multiple fees. Do you agree?


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fleurfairy fleurfairy 9 years
Airlines in general make me ill these days. I cannot stand flying. It's a huge hassle. The airports are packed, everyone is cramed into tiny seats, the airlines lose your luggage, the flights are always delayed or cancelled. The FAA really needs to find a solution to these problems immediately. I don't know how much longer we can stand it.
mtothawhat mtothawhat 9 years
This new policy just irritates me. The overhead bins are already so packed, I can only imagine what it's going to be like now..I've been a loyal AA flier for quite some time and I'm probably going to have to switch over to Southwest. Even then, the airport that Southwest flies in is an hour away from back home and gas is already freakin' expensive...ugh. sigh
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
I'd rather know going into it (when I bought the ticket) the total price. I wouldn't be happy if I got to the airport and learned that my one bag would cost $15 when I could have packed lighter and just brought my carry on. It's also going to make the overhead area really crowded and it's just going to be a mess to find your things at the end of the flight.
looseseal looseseal 9 years
I see another way for airlines to make more money. Maybe airlines should just charge regular ticket price for babies and small children and insist on putting them in some safety standard car-seat type gear. That whole "lap baby" thing is too dangerous, anyway. You can't even have lap babies in a car anymore, and planes go much faster than cars. And if people stop bringing little tykes on planes because it costs more, so much the better because the air pressure from flying is especially hard on kids' poor little ears, anyway, and the airlines will get back the people who currently avoid flying because of all the wailing little kids in terrible pain from the air pressure. Everybody wins!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
But I don't get why anyone would comment that they should just raise the fare and not charge for the bag, because couldn't you just pay the extra $15 and pretend it was part of your fare? At least it would allow those of us who can fly light to save some money!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Ughhh I just looked at Jet Blue's flights and I almost cried....I'm in an LDR with my bf in Cali (I'm in NY) and I was always comforted by the reasonable prices of cross-country flight! The Jet Blue flights cross country jumped up $40 each way! I totally understand and support why my airfare costs more, but, I really would rather be charged $15 to bring a bag or charged for headphones, etc than pay that as part of the fare. At least I would have a little control for making the fares cheaper.
dukegirl dukegirl 9 years
Whoops: Let's go back to the way it was before deregulation.
dukegirl dukegirl 9 years
Let's go back to the before deregulation.
shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 9 years
I don't know how I feel about either of these options! I guess I was spoiled when I went to school in Southern California because the bulk of my flights were the $39/one way from LAX to SJC. I wonder if those have gone up too!
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
this is annoying because so many people bring too many carry-on items on board as it is! in winter, especially, there isn't enough room! i am going to try to just have one carry-on bag to put up top and then a SMALL bag under the seat. i think that they should just raise fares.
Silverlining10 Silverlining10 9 years
Whichever is cheaper. Is it cheaper to really add-in all those fees or to raise the fee itself? I'm sure one will end up costing the consumers less money...Right?
hmcmcd hmcmcd 9 years
technically I voted yes, but at the same time I wonder why I should have to pay an additional 15.00 on my ticket price if I am not checking and luggage? Why should I have to pay for everyone else to check their bags? But on the other hand, it makes me really mad that they are doing this in the first place and could stomach it much more easily if they had just raised the fare.
MindayH MindayH 9 years
I am irritated by the increase, but I would rather know that it is for checking a bag than some random price increase (i.e. JETBLUE!!!!) If I am traveling on a short trip or for the weekend, it will encourage me to pack lighter - and for a long trip, $15 is a pain, but not the end of the world
alangenh alangenh 9 years
I sent the American Airlines customer relation department an email about their policy. You can reach them through the "contact us" form on their website. Following is what I wrote, and the reply I received. -- American's latest policy of charging $15 for the first checked bag is taking things too far. I would prefer that ticket prices increase, rather than see fees that make flying more stressful and unpleasant for all of us. I have been a loyal American customer since their buyout of TWA; however, for my upcoming flight that I booked yesterday, I purchased tickets through Southwest Airlines for the first time in more than ten years. I will be flying Southwest for the foreseeable future, as long as their policies seem more fair than American's. I'm very disappointed in American Airlines. -- Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate hearing your perspective about the change to our checked baggage policy. First, allow me to clarify that the $15 fee for one checked bag applies to tickets purchased on or after June 15, 2008. Assessing a fee for checked baggage was a difficult decision but reflects the reality of our business. We are taking direct steps to ensure the long-term success of our company in the face of unprecedented fuel prices and these fees help us to offset the rising costs associated with the transportation of baggage. We hope to have our customers' understanding. There are some exceptions to the policy. To view the specifics, please go to and select "All News" from the Home Page and look for "View Updated Checked Bag Policies." We are glad to have had the opportunity to respond to your email message. We hope to have your continued patronage of American Airlines. -- Well, at least I have registered my complaint.
Sydney-C Sydney-C 9 years
YES YES YES just raise fares!! This is going to create such a nightmare for AA fliers and FAs. Raising fares would accomplish the same goal and I think most rational people would understand in this day and time with oil at $135/bbl why the fares have increased. Also, it is a free market enterprise, so consumers are free to shop around for the best deal on airfare.
sweetpeabrina sweetpeabrina 9 years
I had to say no. I don't have the facts, but I'm sure there's an airline big wig out there with a million dollar expense account that DOESN'T need half the crap that he gets reimbursed for. I don't fly much as it is - it's usually $300+ to fly to the places that I'd want to go.
tiff58 tiff58 9 years
I feel like the airlines are right up there with the government in terms of efficiency- they have none. Become more efficient! Then, if you have to, raise your prices, but I do agree about being nickled-and-dimed.
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