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Should I Purchase Excess Valuation Before My International Flight?

Ask Savvy: Should I Purchase "Excess Valuation" Before a Flight?

This question comes from member PetSugar in the Ask Savvy group.

My friend is getting married in Singapore at the end of May and a packet of advice included with her wedding invitation recommended something called "excess valuation." Now I've traveled quite a bit but never gotten — or even heard of! — this insurance before since I avoid checking baggage at all costs (ha ha). Can you tell me why or when I'd need this?

Savvy says: Great question! Excess valuation is a special kind of insurance recommended for international travelers. While US laws require airlines to compensate travelers for up to $3,300 in the event that checked bags are lost or damaged, those rules don't apply if you're traveling internationally as bag liability is typically related to weight. Find out why this additional price to pay is useful and


EV means you declare an "excess value" when checking your bags and shell out money at the airport, from $1 – $5 per $100 extra coverage, in case of loss or damage up to $5,000. (Here's a handy chart for individual airlines' prices.) If you plan to check bags, this extra fee can prove well worth it with more security than general travel insurance because that typically caps at between $500 – $1,500 per suitcase and often requires receipts for any claimed lost valuables. In the end, the final decision is yours and should depend on how important the items in your suitcase are to you.

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