A few weeks ago, my sister used her points to fly to Hawaii for a fun-in-the-sun family vacay. To her surprise, she and my 5- and 3-year-old nephews were upgraded to first class. While I absolutely adore my nephews, Jakey (the 3-year-old) is a terror of a tot. Combined with Johnny (the 5-year-old), chaos ensued; water bottles were thrown; milk was spilled; and dirty looks and complaints from the fat cat in a suit in the next aisle came a comin'.

While these kids are generally well behaved, a six-hour flight was too much for them, and after my sister told us the story of the angry man in first class, a great debate sparked in my very opinionated family. Some said kids shouldn't fly first class because they disrupt other passengers, who pay for a level of peace and comfort; while others said the kids have a right to be there as much as anybody else since their parents paid the expensive airfare. What do you think?