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There are two questions I hear most when people find out I’m engaged: Am I going to take his last name, and how are we going to handle our finances? The second question is an important one for couples to consider when getting married, though don’t you think it’s funny that this is one of the only times other people don’t consider money talk to be taboo?

There’s no right answer in terms of whether or not a couple should combine their finances; the real answer is to do what’s right for you and your unique situation. Some people feel like there’s no need to combine any money and think it’s easier to leave things be, others struggle with letting go of the independence of controlling their individual money, and some have zero gripes about creating one big love and money pot. Then, of course, there’s everyone in between. To see my solution just


I think a good solution is to pool most of your money while maintaining small, separate checking accounts for personal expenses. That way, you can pay all joint expenses out of the joint account and use your personal account for things like girls’ nights and pedicures. The important thing is finding what works for your relationship and being open in discussing finances with your new husband. Also, it's okay if you need to let the whole “husband” thing sink in before diving right into the serious stuff.

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