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Simple but Effective Budget Tips

Simple and Effective Budget Tips From Savvy Readers

I recently asked you to share your most effective budget tip in the How Do You Save? group, and was wowed by the smart and simple suggestions you shared. We all know that sticking to a budget is the foremost hurdle to saving money once you have a steady income, so a little help from friends always helps. Here are some great tips to help you through this pricey month, thanks to PopSugar Community members:

  • TidalWave advises: Track your spending for a month or two before creating a budget. This will stop you from making unrealistic budget estimates.
  • Zigggy says: Stay out of malls, that way you won't see an item that you just "have" to have. Impulse buys are the worst budget busters.

For additional tips,


  • cheekyredhead suggests: After setting a budget, take only that amount of cash with you into the grocery store . . . no credit card/atm card. Seriously. It really put a stop to my impulse buying, made me stick to my list, and if I chose to buy something not on my list — I had to put something back.
  • Spectra notes: I have a grocery list that I pretty much stick to every week so I'm not tempted to just randomly buy things. Another tip: get a Netflix membership instead of going to movies at the theater and go to the library instead of browsing bookstores.

Do you have an effective budget tip? Create a PopSugar account or log in to your account, then join the How Do You Save? group and share it! And you never know, it could be featured on SavvySugar! Here's a detailed guide to posting questions or posts to groups if you are new to the PopSugar Community.

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Allison14806931 Allison14806931 7 years
These are some great tips! In addition to avoiding malls, I've also diverted e-mail subscriptions to my favorite stores to an e-mail that I don't check regularly. That way I'm not constantly hounded by sales that are so enticing...but if I do want to shop online I can check to see if there are any sales in my other e-mail. I also recommend checking out this blog it has a lot of easy and simple tips on how to create a budget and stick to it
voguea voguea 7 years
l like it.
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 7 years
good thing the mall here in manhattan sux - im never tempted to buy anything there.
gigill gigill 7 years
Entering malls are my worst budgeting enemy!
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