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Simple Productivity Tip

Productivity Tip: Write Out Your List So You Can Cross It Out

I'm having a stressful week. It's a combination of a killer cold and a to-do list that would not quit. In an effort to stay on top of my game at work I have psyched myself up with lists. Lots of them. I made them on Post-It notes, on my desktop, and in my journal. It may sound overwhelming, but it's just the opposite. As I power through the items, I dramatically cross projects, emails, and efforts off the list. And breathe a sigh of relief. What happens next is instant gratification and a feeling of success. Huzzah!

Do you have a simple productivity tip that helps you power though? Share it here!

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liz26111 liz26111 6 years
I love lists. Sometimes I will put little things on them just for the joy of crossing them off.
GirlOverboard GirlOverboard 6 years
I love lists, too, but I'm constantly losing them (usually to the wash or my messy desk). While I do my best day-to-day planning with a physical pencil-and-paper planner, my lists are kept on my iPhone. I use Toodledo and, at the risk of sounding like an ad, I absolutely love it! It helps me prioritize based on date and importance and I can split tasks up into folders. It helped keep me sane through planning my wedding!
MandyWH MandyWH 6 years
Lists are totally my life-saver, too! I make them for absolutely everything. It's SO satisfying to cross things off as I accomplish them that sometimes I'll even retroactively add tasks I've done, just so I can strike them out.
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