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Social Media: What's Bad For the Company Is Bad For You

While social media and social networking sites, like Twitter and Facebook have been around for a decent amount of time, inappropriate work behavior has been around for a lot longer. So, what happens when you mix the two? Some pretty confusing workplace drama, that often, can be a difficult-to-navigate space of uncharted office territory.

While Facebook and your other social networking sites can provide an easy way to stay connected, employees who choose to use the sites to vent about work-related problems or fellow co-workers are testing the waters in company ethics. If an office "Casanova" takes to his Facebook page to reveal his unfavorable thoughts on a few office romances, and it's read by other co-workers, does this become a company issue? Sure does — his manager was forced to get involved based on the reaction of his female co-workers who felt harassed by the Facebook commentary. Very quickly, private information becomes public — and what's more, it becomes company-relevant.

This type of scene is becoming increasingly common, as disgruntled workers take to their social media outlets to vent about work. The problem is, it doesn't stay private, as individual social media pools are growing to include bosses, peers, co-workers, etc. Ironically, individuals looking to make closer connections with their superiors could be hurting their careers if their social-networking sites blast any information on the web that violates company ethics. Turns out, even if there isn't an official company policy for dealing with social media, it's safe to assume that what looks bad for the company, is bad for you — even if it's on your personal profile.

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afternoondelight afternoondelight 7 years
It is stories like this that make me glad I don't do Facebook, twitter, or MySpace. I know so many people that work in HR who report that searching social networking sites is becoming a common practice in job screening. Aside from superiors, coworkers can be just as harsh; I have a girlfriend who just recently got engaged who blocked her blog and took down her Facebook because people were finding out details about her engagement and wedding and asking her when they were going to get their invites!
brindey brindey 7 years
I do all the social media for my medium-sized company. I hold training classes every week and include information on how to set up privacy, what is appropriate for which social media platforms, and how employees can use it for work responsibly.
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