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28 Easy Spray Paint DIYs That Spruce Up Your Space

Mar 8 2015 - 9:00am

If you're looking for a fast way to make a few updates around your space, spray paint is the perfect solution. For only a few dollars, you can change how things look, creating pops of color — and giving new life to your lackluster stuff. And it's also a great way to repurpose containers and upcycle glass jars, making the cost of most of these DIYs the price of a bottle of spray paint.

Sources: Sarah Lipoff and Crab + Fish [1]

Anthropologie-Like Figurine

Transform flea market finds [2] into chic decor [3] with a can of spray paint. Go with a neutral color like white, or have fun with bold, glossy hues.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Dollar Store Frames Upgrade

Create a stunning wall display, and pick up a collection of dollar store frames. Remove the glass, and give them a coat of spray paint, so they're all the same color.

Source: Instagram user thetendencynyc [4]

Cute Container

Who knew handy cleaning wipes could look so chic? DIY [5] this smart container filled with eco-cleaners [6] for your kitchen or bathroom.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Chic Garbage Can

Your old metal garbage can? Yes, it can be beautiful. Follow the directions from Crab + Fish [7] for this stunning transformation.

Source: Crab + Fish [8]

Beautiful Baskets

If you're looking for a cute way to contain all your stuff, pick up baskets at your local dollar store and give them a quick spray [9]. And this DIY [10] is so easy!

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Frame Jewelry Organizer

Get organized and transform an old frame into a smart way to display and arrange your jewelry with this spray paint DIY [11]. And it's a great way to give a frame that lost its glass a new life.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Food Storage Containers

Don't toss your big plastic containers! With a coat of spray paint [12] they become cute storage for everything in your kitchen.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Pillar Candles

You can find pillar candles at most dollar stores and you can easily transform them into pretty striped candles [13] or decorations for your next party — or even your wedding [14]! And this project is so easy.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

New Toy Car

If you're a parent, you know how your little one loves plastic cars. But the store-bought cars aren't very exciting. Give that car new life with the help of spray paint, creating a ride that will cause serious kid envy.

Source: Instagram user tanjaputman [15]

Sunburst Dollar Store Mirror

Use wooden skewers and a small round mirror from the dollar store to DIY [16] a starburst mirror [17] that makes any wall look amazing.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Gold Jar Storage

Use foam stickers to personalize glass containers, and then give them a gilding for pretty storage containers [18] that hold all your stuff.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Colorful Frames For a Statement Wall

For a pop of color, spray-paint picture frames with bold colors, and then use them to hang fun prints around your space. Or leave them empty, and arrange them for a statement wall.

Source: Etsy user Lollipopfigurine [19]

Upcycled Frosted Vases

All you need is a can of clear, frosted spray paint to transform old glasses into decorative vases [20] for your home — or to give as a unique gift.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Alphabet Magnets

For a cute way to leave a reminder, spray-paint alphabet magnets [21], and use them on your fridge or at the office.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Fancy Plant Containers

Instead of paying big bucks for garden containers, spray-paint cheap plastic ones with a matte black that will have everyone thinking you splurged on fancy pots.

Source: Instagram user dnlmtchll [22]

Succulent Favors

Along with repurposing bottle caps, this cute wedding DIY [23] can be personalized with your wedding [24] colors, with the help of spray paint.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Gilded Flowers

Transform cheap white fabric flowers from the dollar store into something so pretty with a quick spritz of gold spray paint.

Source: Instagram user manuhsaurus [25]

DIY Dessert Tray

Pick up everything you need for this tiered tray [26] at the dollar store and easily assemble it with Krazy Glue. Then cover it with your favorite color of spray paint for a fun way to put food on display at your next party.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Golden Bear Vases

Because it's sad when all the honey is gone, give your honey bear new life as a golden vase [27]!

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Charging Station

All you need is a plastic water bottle, scissors, and some spray paint to create a charging station [28] that's also so cute.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Modern Pots

Use painter's tape and contrasting spray paint colors to create modern pots that will look so great in your space.

Source: Instagram user lydiamcmo [29]

Love Hanging Art

Even when it's not Valentine's Day, this wall hanging [30] is a decorative way to let someone know they are loved.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Spooky Candleholders

Create spooky-fun candleholders to celebrate Halloween [31] with templates you can create using your home printer.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Ghoulish Vase

Head to the dollar store for everything you need to put together this fun vase [32]. It's covered with creepy, crawling bugs and then coated with black, creating a stunning statement piece.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Halloween Lighting

Transform old coffee cans into Halloween lighting [33] for all your trick-or-treaters.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Halloween Candy Dish

Create the cutest dish for Halloween candy [34] with the help of plastic dishes from the dollar store and black spray paint.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Holiday Vase Trees

Turn wine bottles into stunning winterized vases [35] to hold branches, creating a holiday tree that fits in any space.

Source: Sarah Lipoff

Bright Wood Barrels

If you have a collection of tired wooden barrels hanging out in your backyard, give them a quick update with brightly colored spray paint.

Source: Instagram user djconnor001 [36]

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