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It doesn't take a CEO to come up with smart business ideas. When I asked you if you thought Starbucks would survive the recession, many of you responded that the struggling coffee company might make it through the storm if it introduced lower prices. While the company ended 2008 by announcing a new line of tea lattes, it's already realized that surviving 2009 might take an image overhaul — and that means introducing more value-oriented products. Take a moment to pat yourselves on the back for calling that one, and read on.

First, Starbucks plans to close another 300 stores and shed about 6,000 retail and 700 nonstore jobs. Those moves should add up to significant savings for the company, and their next steps will aim to save the customer money. CEO Howard Schulz is being pretty secretive about what Starbucks has up its sleeve, but commented his company plans to start "pushing back on misconceptions about our affordability." The only hint for what is to come: In March, Starbucks will aim to offer "real value" through new "breakfast pairings at attractive price points."


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ylovely ylovely 8 years
It's long overdue and not surprising. It's unfortunate that an economic catastrophe is what it took and not the wallets of their customers.
colormesticky colormesticky 8 years
I won't drink their coffee at any price until they stop using that awful Pike Place Roast as their everyday brew. Blech! Go back to the old one, or use the Anniversary Blend. They sell some pretty tasty coffee beans, why can't they brew some of that in store?
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that it's a smart thing to revisit the cost of things, but for someone that never gets food there - i'm not going to see any value or benefit if they decide to make some type of value 'thing' with the breakfast offerings.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
I don't drink coffee (I just don't like the taste -- I'm a tea girl!) but most people I know who do say that SBUX does not taste that good... I've heard that Mickey D's makes a much better tasting coffee.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
Starbucks is about a once a month habit. I prefer Dunkin Donuts anyway. I can't afford starbucks and I don't think they're going to be able to change that.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
I hate Starbucks. I just do. Since I really only drink coffee there, I have to taste their nasty coffee with no foamy milk/sugar concoctions to cover up the burnt flavor of the coffee. And yeah, while their coffee itself isn't all that expensive, I just don't feel like paying for something I can make better at home.
ahsgirlie87 ahsgirlie87 8 years
As much as I love Starbucks, it has become a riduculously expensive habit to maintain.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
99 cent lattes would so freaking rock
lilkimbo lilkimbo 8 years
I think this could work, actually. Their coffee isn't the greatest tasting, in my opinion. But, their regular coffee isn't much more than other places. The specialty drinks are what's expensive; and those are generally expensive elsewhere, as well.
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
Agreed. Why spend so much on something you're only going to enjoy for a very short while?
ur_momm ur_momm 8 years
I love their new tea lattes but i dont wanna spend 5$ on a tea! I dont want cheap drinks... i want current drinks to be cheaper!!!
stargazer25 stargazer25 8 years
Besides the price, they should improve the quality of their coffee.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
'Or they could just drop their insanely high prices on *current* items.' Amen.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 8 years
Great ... just keep closing those stores. I think that's the solution. Overpriced crap coffee.
lizrocks lizrocks 8 years
Or they could just drop their insanely high prices on *current* items. Bleh. Starbucks is so worthless.
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