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Starbucks Rewards Card

Does Having a Reward Card Cause You to Spend More?

I recently received a Starbucks gift card, and I find that I'm spending more on coffee than usual.

I used to make my own coffee at home and would treat myself to a latte once in a while, but my trips to Starbucks have been more frequent. Part of the reason is because I feel a stronger loyalty to the brand, which is not a good mentality to have if you're spending more. Therefore, I have decided to cap my Starbucks indulgence. What about you — do you spend more on the brand when you have a rewards card?

Source: Flickr User Libelul


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amber512 amber512 6 years
I can see how people could do it, but I only get rewards cards to places I actually shop at constantly and only ones that are free.
teperry3 teperry3 6 years
Yes I feel likt it does have an effect on spending money if I am earning 'points' which I can turn in for money back/free be's/ etc. But I feel like having gift cards with small balances are more of an issue! I hate them taking up space in my wallet being there for the chance that I may need them, and always spending more!
Angelica-Marden Angelica-Marden 6 years
Definitely! As soon as I am locked into a rewards card the fact that I am earning points or money back pops to mind whenever I shop.
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