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Summer Travel Tip: Listen Up For Voucher Opportunities

If you're jetting off someplace this Summer, there's a good chance your flights will be full. Airlines are reacting to the anticipated drop in people flying by scaling back flight schedules. Airports should be less crowded, which is definitely a bonus for passengers, and planes will be operating at least close to capacity. I fear this also could increase the frequency of overbooked flights.

We all know airlines can be notorious for overbooking flights, but with that infuriating habit comes a silver lining for travelers with flexible schedules. Airlines have no other choice but to offer vouchers for future flights to passengers who volunteer to give up their seats on an overbooked flight. If you can be flexible with your flight, keep your ears open when you get to the gate and listen for announcements about looking for volunteers. You could land yourself a few hundred dollars for a future trip.


Allytta Allytta 8 years
This has never happened to me in Europe. Overbooking? WTF. I payed and I need to get out. My friend had to sleep in JFK on the floor for 2 days on stand by because of an overbooked flight.
Modus-Vivendi Modus-Vivendi 8 years
I love when that happens.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
a lot of the time i'm usually pretty open to switching my flight in exchange for a voucher - as long as the airlines offer them. there have been a few times that they have just asked for ppl to change their flight w/o the voucher and to me - i don't see the benefit of doing that aside from making someone else's travel plans a bit easier.
sliz41 sliz41 8 years
My family and I gave up our seats on a double-booked flight from Rarotonga to Auckland back in 2000 and AirNZ made up for it by sending us to Tahiti, staying in the Sheraton, with spending money, for 2 nights. So worth it!
Chouette4u Chouette4u 8 years
Never take the first voucher offer. Wait until they keep upping the amount because the first couple offers are always really low. It's not worth it to change your plans for $50 or $100, but for $400, sure!
Coco-Aylese Coco-Aylese 8 years
this is sooo so so true, my mother use to work for an airline company and these vouchers happen all the time!
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