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Now that many of you have seen the Sex and the City movie, you may have recognized the repetition of this line spoken by Carrie my-middle-name-should-be-Blahnik Bradshaw: "I like my money right where I can see it... hanging in my closet." This wasn't the first time Carrie used those very words, and they were brought back in the movie to perhaps drive home the "labels" half of the "two Ls" that were said to lure women to New York. There have been conflicting ideas about whether or not the movie will affect women consumers, one arguing that advertisers will get what they're wishing for and the other that they will be out of luck. Find out the details behind these arguments when you


Like movie trailers that give away the premise of the plot, headlines and bylines of news stories can give away a story's conclusion. This can be said of the ABC News article called "The Sex (And The City) Economy" with the byline, "Millions Are to Be Made Off the Movie and Not Just by Those in Hollywood" and the Slate article titled, "Sex and the Cash Register" with the supporting byline, "Retailers hope to piggyback on the Sex and the City movie, but it won't work."

ABC supports its article with a quote from a retail consultant saying, "Manolo Blahnik's success skyrocketed as a result of Sex and the City. The prices keep escalating, but women will starve themselves to score a pair of his shoes." On the other hand, Slate calls upon a consumer-insights expert who says, "A few years ago, you could buy a pair of Manolos for $400, and today they're $800 or even $1,000. That price inflation hits hard at this time."

The opposing arguments continue: one suggests the lucrative presence of brands that appear in the movie like Glacéau VitaminWater, Mercedes Benz, Skyy vodka, and the service Bag, Borrow, and Steal; the other confidently insists that "the prognosis for SATC-inspired spending on the luxury goodies showcased in the movie is grim."

Have your shopping habits been influenced by Sex and the City and the brands advertised in the movie? Would you really do anything for a pair of expensive (but gorgeous) heels? Where do you draw the line?

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