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Which Tax Preparation Software Do You Use?

It's almost the end of February, which means it's almost March, and that's the month before your taxes are due! If you're someone whose finances are relatively simple, meaning you don't have complicated investments or deductions, you can most likely get away with using an online tax service rather than seeking out human help.

Many online services guarantee that you'll receive the maximum return, and because you're filing online your refund can be deposited between eight and fifteen days! But I think the biggest benefit is that the system will retrieve last year’s return for you if you're using the same service, meaning you don't have to dig through paperwork that may or may not be organized. Not everyone is eligible to use the freefile system that the IRS offers, because it's designed for those who earned an adjusted gross income under $54,000 in 2007.

So, which tax prep service do you prefer?


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insanitypepper insanitypepper 9 years
I just use the instruction book. I don't think it's all that hard, and I kind of enjoy it.
DreaAST DreaAST 9 years
I use an actual person who is an accountant/book keeper. I am too afraid to do them myself!
fadedblue fadedblue 9 years
Used TaxACT and it was incredibly easy to use and free (for federal anyway). Got the return directly deposited in about 2 weeks.
megnmac megnmac 9 years
TurboTax. My husband just filed tonight. The best tax tip I ever got was that my law school tuition credit spanned 4 years - the first semester I paid was 03 and the last was 06 (three school years, four fiscal). So the school warned that we wouldn't get tax info from the school the last year, and said to print out the tuition bill and the date in January the loans were paid, so we would remember to claim it. I have a friend that missed that, her school had a lot less financial advice seminars for grads, and since that was the first year she'd ever done taxes and forgot.. so upsetting! Tax prep is always a little unsettling, since I always feel a little like I don't know what we're doing... putting our answers in based on the boxes in our forms... and coming up with a number... but not really getting it.
girlgreen girlgreen 9 years
My dad's an accountant, so he did mine this year (first year I had to pay taxes). And imLissy, I have the same tax story as you! My parents paid my tuition (I still have student loans mind you), but it was in my name, so I get ALL my money back this year! And since my withholdings were high, I get a huge check! Can you tell I'm excited?
allieperez allieperez 9 years
I go to H & R Block; I like having the peace of mind that I do an oopsie it's soo not my fault. Takes the pressure off.
khigg khigg 9 years
I have used TaxAct for the past 3 years. It's free, self explanatory, and simple. Granted my taxes are not THAT complicated. But it has never steered me wrong and I always e-file and get my deposit electronically deposited within 1 1/2 weeks or less.
tee0206 tee0206 9 years
My roommate and I both used H&R Block's software. He got his refund deposited into his account in less than a week, and I got mine in about a week and a half.
alysun alysun 9 years
I have an accountant do mine. They are easy to do I am sure but I having a family owned business that is one of the perks mine gets thrown in with the rest of the work.
emalove emalove 9 years
My dad does my taxes and he does it by hand. No software.
JessLehry JessLehry 9 years
Luckily for me, my mom works at H&R Block... she does them for me! Now that I'm doing freelance Graphic Design... the taxes are getting complicated. I'm so thankful for my mom!
Tami715 Tami715 9 years
My taxes are pretty straight forward, not a lot of deductions, so I use I got the same refund I would have gotten with H&R Block, but was able to file my federal taxes for free and paid only $10 for state. Plus, my refund was deposited in my bank account 7 days later :)
lawchick lawchick 9 years
TurboTax. I have heard good things about TaxCut, though...
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 9 years
I have complicated taxes because I work for myself, and I also always have lots of investment crap to deal with. But despite that, I still use Turbo Tax! I tried going into H&R block once, and came away feeling like Turbo Tax was way smarter than the guy who tried to help me. Plus, he was going to charge $600 and on Turbo Tax it's like $60.
bellaressa bellaressa 9 years
I agree with supercoolnat. I used TurboTax this year on a recommendation from two friends that have been using it for the last three years. I use to go to a tax place and before that they had the city doing it for individuals that make less 10k (yes I was beyond poor). I never understood the process and would just sit there and ask questions but I never really received answers. This year really opened my eyes to taxes and my taxes. I received my refund in 1.5 weeks electronically to my accounts.
heineken67 heineken67 9 years
I filed for free with TurboTax and the Intuit Tax Freedom Project. Took me about an hour, counting the time needed to search for my W-2/loan interest statements/etc. Got my refund after a week or two.
imLissy imLissy 9 years
I'm doing my own taxes for the first time. I'm using turbo tax, but still have been having trouble. There was much discussion over whether I could deduct my college tuition since my parents paid for it, but with my account. After several e-mails with my parents accountant, we learned I could in fact deduct it :D That's my little tax story for the year.
supercoolnat supercoolnat 9 years
I switched to turbo tax after one totally overwhelming year of paper taxes, where my calculations were so off that the states and feds gave me checks for completely different amounts than what I got. I like using the program, because it also helps me understand the bigger picture, not just plugging numbers into boxes and equations.
cvandoorn cvandoorn 9 years
I use Turbotax and I got my money even sooner than they promised! :)
mayara mayara 9 years
Pen, paper, and my old high-school calculator at the dining table.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Umm well every previous year I just used the book. But I think this year I am going to get a bank to do it because I don't want to wait 6 weeks for it!
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