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Teresa Medeiros Interview

In Her Shoes: Teresa Medeiros, Romance Author

All of us have a dream job we're secretly harboring. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who are already living it or maybe you're still dreaming about it. Readers recently shared their dream jobs, which inspired this new Savvy series: In Her Shoes.

You probably have fallen in love with one of the hunky men in Teresa Medeiros's books. She is a New York Times best-selling romance novelist who sold her first book at 21 and currently has over seven million books in print.

SavvySugar: What makes your job a dream job?

Teresa Medeiros: Definitely being able to work from home. For me that’s a biggie — obviously you work in your PJs. You can go to the refrigerator to get something you want, which is a big plus. I would say the best thing about my job is getting to fall in love with a gorgeous new guy every year and my husband doesn’t even mind. That’s a definite dream job!


SS: What other dream jobs did you have?

TM: Princess, FBI agent, actress. I did want to be an actress for most of my young life along with a writer. Obviously some are more realistic than others but when I found I started writing . . . that I was doing what god made me for. It is a sense of fulfillment that I haven’t found in anything else

SS: What were you doing before?

TM: I was a registered nurse. I did that fulltime for about eight years while I was writing, so I would write in the mornings and then I’d go to work from 3 to 11 pm. I retired as a nurse in 1992 to write full time. I was very productive then because you know how it is when you first start something, it’s like a hobby and I was sneaking off to do it. Basically I would write every day from 10 am to 12.30 pm. At 12.30 I’ll stop and watch As The World Turns and then I’ll get ready and go to work.

To see what SavvySugar readers asked, read on.

How do you deal with issues like the loneliness of writing all day?stephley

TM: I have a group of friends who are my support group and we talk and laugh by email every single day. That makes a huge difference, because writing can be a very lonely profession. I think it’s huge because we just need to stick to somebody who speaks our own language. They understand when you’re having a creative problem or whether you’re having a publishing problem or if you want to talk about the great new TV show that’s on, they’re always there. You know it’s kind of like your office water cooler, except we don’t have an office to go to. They're the people you go to every morning to check in with to see how their lives are doing.

What is your daily routine or goal? — sourcherries

TM: I like to write three pages a day. On deadline the number goes up. If I'm on deadline then I work nights and weekends, because I’m always playing catch up at the end. But [every day consists of] the usual getting up, breakfast, and obviously the email and the computer time cuts into some of the writing time we used to have. I’ve gotten to where I’ll check that, and I’ll usually turn off the computer and go to a laptop that’s not connected to the internet and do most of my writing on it. I usually work maybe till three o’clock then take off for a walk or bike ride or do whatever exercise for the day. That’s kind of an ordinary day. With deadlines all that changes; you work all the time.

How do you brainstorm ideas? MartiniLush

TM: I find if I do that in longhand I’m more productive than when I’m on the keyboard. If I get a notebook and a pen, I start sitting down and start kind of letting ideas go in whatever direction I want to write. I will also put down what scenes that I know are going to happen on index cards. If I have 12 scenes on my brain, I’ll have 12 index cards. I find that as you're writing, other scenes come out of those scenes and basically that’s the way I’ve done it since the very first book.

Enjoyed Teresa Medeiros's story? If you want to join in the dream job fun, leave a comment below to name a profession you'd love to be in or to just hear more about. Remember, nothing is out of bounds. Let your imagination run wild!

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WeTheLiving WeTheLiving 6 years
I've been very excited for this series to start. Great interview; I have actually read a couple of her books.I'm always interested in how people who work at home stay focused. I find that I brainstorm best on paper too. There's just something that doesn't allow the same freedom on the computer. I'm looking forward to more interviews. I already posted my request on the original page, but I'll do it again. I'd love to read about someone in the residential real estate development industry. What they do, what aspects of the project are they involved in (financial, design, etc), what types of jobs are there, what a day is like for them and how to get into the industry.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 6 years
Wow, great interview, Savvy! It's very inspiring to know that she managed to write while working a full-time job - it gives me inspiration to start up with my writing again! :)
Lenay Lenay 6 years
I am not familiar with this particular author (because I don't read romance novels), but I envy her all the same. She has the perfect job. You can do it absolutely anywhere--- your bedroom, a restaurant, a coffee shop, the library, or even on the beach while you're on vacation with your family! Plus, you can pretty much determine your own income (once you're successfully published and have some clips). It's mostly dependant on your output. You can suppliment by freelancing short stories and essays for magazines. It's golden!
Angelica Angelica 6 years
Sounds like a ton of fun! Great interview, Savvy!
stephley stephley 6 years
I'm amazed at people who can work unrelated fulltime jobs and still have the energy to write. Great interview Savvy, Thanks!!
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