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Things to Do Before You Leave For Vacation

Three Things to Do Before You Leave For Vacation

Packing for a long vacation takes a surprising amount of energy and having to account for several wardrobe changes can be admittedly overwhelming. Remembering the bikini that makes you feel best is a must-do but there are a few other tasks that should be on your prevacation checklist. . . . and guess what? They don't take nearly as long as thoughtfully stuffing your suitcase.

  1. Set up automatic payment for your bills. You don't want to be greeted with late-payment fees or increased rates due to missed payments when you arrive home from your vacation. Schedule auto payments online to avoid any harmful mistakes.
  2. Sort through your wallet. Remove any items that you won't need for your trip like your social security card or extra credit cards. Carrying everything with you means keeping track of them, and if you're a victim of tourist theft those are more cards you'll have to cancel. For happier traveling, simply place them in a secure place before you leave.
  3. Make copies of important items. Some people prefer scanning images of their passport and credit cards and then emailing the files to themselves, but others don't feel secure having these on their computers. Whichever method you prefer, make copies of important items in case something is stolen.
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AnnieLouWho AnnieLouWho 8 years
I always make a list of everything I am taking with me, then I lay it all out on the bed and snap a picture of it. I keep the pic in my phone and the list in my purse. Then I make a photocopy of all my credit cards, passport, airline tix, etc and keep one copy at home, give one copy to someone I can always reach (my brother the cop) and take one copy with me in a secure place - like your toothbrush holder. Who is going to look there??? Also - keep a record of your cell phone's IMEI number in a secure location. It is vital when reporting your phone lost or stolen. Happy Travels!!
SomethingWicked SomethingWicked 8 years
This is a great Idea I never would have thought of...thanks so much!
reena2 reena2 8 years
Especially, when traveling outside the US I make at least 2 sets of photocopies of my passport, driver license, credit card(s) I'll be taking (front and back) and copies of travel documents (paper airline tickets, ship documents, etc.) I leave one set home (in a safe place) and the copies I keep separate from the original documents...not helpful if someone takes off with the originals and copies! I usually keep mine in a suitcase that is always locked inside a sealed envelope. As karisaamy mentioned, you should never carry your Social Security Card in your wallet. Unless, you need to show it for a specific reason keep it home in a safe location.
karisaamy karisaamy 8 years
Umm.. you shouldn't have your social security card in your wallet anyways.
shanimalcracker shanimalcracker 8 years
Yay, this comes at a great time as I am leaving for Taiwan on Tuesday!
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