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Tips to Fall Asleep

6 Steps to Help You Fall Asleep Earlier

Counting sheep not cutting it? If you regularly struggle to fall asleep, your lifestyle may be to blame. By making a few small tweaks to your everyday routine, you'll be able to doze off easily at night and skip that second cup of coffee tomorrow. Here's how to get more beauty rest this Spring by falling asleep earlier.

  1. Prepare for the morning. By picking out your clothes, packing your lunch, and taking other steps the night before to shorten your morning routine, you'll have far less to worry about as you drift off to sleep.
  2. Give yourself a bedtime. Your body has a natural rhythm, but that rhythm can get thrown off if you don't fall asleep at a fairly consistent hour. Focus on getting into bed around the same time each night — yes, that includes weekends — so that your body clock can stabilize.
  3. Say no to screens. Steer clear of your laptop, iPad, ereader, and TV for at least an hour before you hope to fall asleep. Not only will it give your eyes a much-needed break, but it will also help to clear your mind and put you in a ready-to-relax state.
  4. Create a wind-down routine. Replace the screen time with a few nightly relaxation rituals. Whether it's a bubble bath, a few minutes of calming yoga, or a chapter from your latest book, a regular evening pattern can be a great way to give your body the time-for-bed signal.
  5. Be a tea drinker. One of the simplest ways to manage your Zs? Skip caffeine after lunchtime and sip some tea after dinner. Brew some chamomile tea or buy a blend that's created specifically for bedtime, like Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Teas.
  6. Worry tomorrow. If everyday anxieties are keeping you awake, do what you can to leave those concerns for tomorrow. Can't stop mentally running through your to-do list? Try writing it out before hitting the hay and resign to deal with it in the morning.

A good rule of thumb: focus on consistency and relaxation. You won't fall asleep if your mind and body are still functioning as they do throughout the day, so make rest a priority and develop a nighttime regimen that gives you a better chance of sound shuteye.

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