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Tours From Movies Like Eat, Pray, Love and Twilight

I'm Asking: Do You Visit Movie Locations on Vacation?

Seems many of you were swayed by TV when dreaming of destinations, but where do movies fit in? The big-screen version of Elizabeth Gilbert's memoir covering her spiritual journey from Italy ("Eat") to India ("Pray") to Bali ("Love") has inspired many tours and trips to the destinations she visited . . . and this film isn't alone. I remember visiting Serendipity for some Frrrozen Hot Chocolate after seeing it in the like-named flick, and I love seeing local spots in movies filmed near where I live still.

Be it a self-guided tour in Washington of Twilight locales, following a map through the Santa Ynez Valley seeking wineries seen in Sideways, or one of many Eat, Pray, Love tours in Bali (even one featuring Ketut Liyer, Gilbert’s Balian teacher in her real-life journey), do these full-fledged movie experiences appeal to you?

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