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15 Travel DIYs That Make Leaving Home Easier

Dec 4 2015 - 4:00pm

Whether on vacation or a business trip, traveling can sometimes be challenging [1]. We've rounded up a few DIYs — concerning everything from packing all the right stuff [2] to only bringing travel-size versions of all your favorite products — that might help ease travel tension, making leaving home a little bit easier.

Washcloth Travel Kit

DIY [3] this easy travel kit [4] from a dollar store washcloth, and you have a smart way to take all your essentials with you.

Single-Use Packets

All you need are a few straws, scissors, a lighter, and your favorite products to make these easy-to-use single-use packets [5].

Single-Serve Coffee

If you really love your coffee, make these easy single-serve coffee pods [6] with the help of coffee filters so you can have your favorite cup of joe while on the road.

Scented Travel Candles

Sometimes hotel rooms don't smell so fresh, which makes these adorable travel candles [7] a smart way to refresh any space.

Sleep Mask

Along with being so soothing, this DIY [8] eye mask [9] also helps you fall asleep fast.

Fresh Breath

Mix together this easy all-natural spray [10] that keeps your breath fresh, no matter where you are.

Mini Lotions

Instead of lugging around your big container of lotion while traveling, make mini lotion bars [11] instead.

Stain Stick

Stains happen — even while traveling. DIY [12] a mini stain stick [13] that you can bring anywhere.

Homemade Tea Bags

Mix together your favorite blend of tea in homemade tea bags [14] so you have them while traveling.

All-In-One Laundry Bombs

No need to bring laundry detergent, fabric softener, and stain remover: make these all-in-one laundry bombs [15] that are so compact, making them easy to pack when traveling.

DIY Febreze

Sometimes hotel furniture doesn't smell so fresh, so bring a mini spray container filled with homemade Febreze [16] to quickly refresh textiles.

Good Sleep

Sometimes drifting off to sleep can be difficult when you're in a different bed. Mix together this sleep spray [17] that will help you get to dreamland.

Wrinkle-Release Spray

Don't worry about those wrinkles! Pack this homemade wrinkle-release spray [18] that gets rid of them fast.

Mini Ironing Board

But if you know you'll need to do a bit of ironing, make this mini ironing board [19] that easily packs in your suitcase.

DIY Lemon Soap

Instead of relying on drying hotel soaps, make your own hydrating lemon soaps [20] that also make good use of rinds.

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