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Travel and TSA Pat-Downs

I'm Asking: What Do You Think of the TSA Pat-Downs

There's an uproar about the recent Transportation Security Administration enforced regulations that some say have crossed the line. From the 11-year-old boy who went shirtless while being frisked to the bladder cancer survivor whose urostomy bag leaked urine onto his clothes because of a pat down, there are a growing number of stories about outraged passengers.

I know 53 percent of you said you felt uncomfortable with the naked body scanners, but how do you feel about the pat-downs? Do you think the TSA is looking out for us or has it gone too far?

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teperry3 teperry3 6 years
I have been subject to the normal pat down from a TSA agent, thanks to my cuffed boyfriend jeans, but I have yet to fly and go through the body scanners. While I agree with Queen that there needs to be more sensitivity with handling passengers who have dealt with issues like breast cancer or have a colostomy bag.. I also have a huge concern for the business travelers, who fly on almost a daily basis for some, and every day they are subject to x-rays. Our government needs to do some serious thinking about the outcome it may have on those people who do travel so often, as for the every day person who travels every now and then I do not see what the big issue is
SaraNoH SaraNoH 6 years
Koodos to them. I'm sure most people claiming sexual harassment are just looking for a lawsuit and easy $$$$. and for anyone who complains about them checking 11 year old kids and the elderly: that's because it's random people. can't have them checking all the Arabs now can we? because that's racial profiling.
larisa5656 larisa5656 6 years
I flew home last weekend and had to be patted down because I was wearing a baggie sweatshirt. It wasn't any big deal, and the TSA person didn't do anything inappropriate. Overall, I have no problem with these security measures because I'd rather be safe than sorry.
ashleyheatherr ashleyheatherr 6 years
I hate the TSA and I wish they would go away, but that's not reliastic. Those situations mentioned above are uncalled for. I feel terrible for those individuals. I think that we need to train better people for that job. Many of the TSA officers are missing brain cells.
imLissy imLissy 6 years
I don't really like being touched in general, so any sort of pat-down would make me uncomfortable. I don't think these new security measures are really making flying that much safer to be worth it.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
I do think that they need to train the officers better. I personally don't mind the pat downs. I have had several pat downs and while they aren't something I like, I have never felt like I was being touched inappropriately or anything. I rather be safe then sorry.
queenoftheclick queenoftheclick 6 years
I heard about the man with the colostomy bag and the breast cancer survivor with the prosthetic breasts. These situations need to be handled with a lot more sensitivity and care of course. I have booked several last minute flights in the last year. Each time I have to go through the higher security pat down check. It's always done quickly and professionally. There isn't anything sexual or inappropriate about the pat down. I would complain if I ever felt there was. I'm a New Yorker and we've seen 9/11. I would rather people be safe than sorry and go through a careful screening. For myself, I don't mind. But in the situations mentioned above, I would want those people to receive more respect and care for their individual situations.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 6 years
I just read a thing about this on my local newspaper website, it reads: "WASHINGTON — A breast cancer survivor who was asked to remove her prosthesis for inspection. A woman who was “lifted off my heels” by an airport security screener during a groin search. Another woman who says she endured a “criminal sexual assault” by an officer who placed a hand inside her underwear." Read more:
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