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TripAdvisor Tips

Navigate TripAdvisor With These Reader Tips!

Figuring out which hotel to stay in can be tough, so thank heavens for TripAdvisor! In a recent survey, all of you said that you found consumer opinions on travel review sites really helpful, and a few readers left some great tips for sorting through reviews. Here are some of them:


  • Check Their Bios: I also read where they are from and what their age is. Someone from the UK has different expectations than someone from Canada. And a 55 year old has different standards then a 23 year old  —
  • Read the Content: I find them helpful, but I always make sure to read some statements, rather than just looking at the stars. Because sometimes there'll be some cranky person giving them one star just because the receptionist was on the phone for too long or things like that. —
  • Look at the In-Cetween Ratings: I LOVE trip advisor. I pay more attention to ratings between two and four than I do to the one and five star ratings though. (Unless there are a ton of one star ratings!) —
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jelibeann jelibeann 6 years
As someone who works for a business listed on, I have to say that we also rely on positive reviews to help us come up in searches for future guests. It's amazing how many of our guests found us through this site. However, we have been unable to find out why certain businesses are listed higher up in ranking. Yesterday, we were #4 in our category and today we are #5, however, no new reviews have been added for our place or the one that is newly ahead. We are baffled! Also, we are proud to have a 99% recommendation record, yet are behind businesses that have a much lower one. So, definitely read the reviews, but take into account that the overall rank doesn't necessarily make the most sense. We're not bitter, just a bit confused :) For personal use, my husband and I rely greatly on reviews for trips we that this site exists.
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