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Trivia of Average Cost of Wedding in US

What Are the Average Costs at an Average Wedding?

They say a wedding should be the greatest party you ever throw — and that usually requires more dough than a pizza dinner party. While everyone sets a wedding budget based on their unique situation and priorities, many look to national averages as a point of reference. Clearly no one hopes for an "average" wedding, but knowing the average costs can help you shop around for deals (yes, they do exist!). Do you know how much couples commonly spend? Take this quiz and find out.

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How much does the average wedding cost in the US?

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Guess how much a reception costs on average at a $25,000 wedding?

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Guess how much photos and video cost on average at a $25,000 wedding?

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Guess how much flowers cost on average at a $25,000 wedding?

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Guess how much the ceremony costs on average at a $25,000 wedding?

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Guess how much tips, taxes, and overages cost on average at a $25,000 wedding?

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slsdenise slsdenise 6 years
My entire wedding cost us a total of maybe $350 for every thing Cake, food, Dress, flowers and the church. My dress was hand maid and only cost Me $60
slsdenise slsdenise 6 years
You guys are all nuts. My wedding only cosy us maybe $350 the most. My dress was hand made and it only cost $60 and we did have the church wedding. We then went back to our house for a little reception of maybe 10 people
TheGreenwichGirl TheGreenwichGirl 6 years
I spent $45k for a "simple" wedding on the beach. How does anyone do it for $23k? Once you add the champagne, the flowers, the music and the dinner, you're sunk.
inlove23 inlove23 7 years
23,000 is ridiculous!!
mommie mommie 7 years
Currently planning a two coast wedding. East will be between $5-6,000 and west (no ceremony, only a party) will be about $12,000-13,000. So, we;ll be under the average and still have two lovely events.
Anne26 Anne26 7 years
Well, my best friend is getting married and I couldn't say no to being a brides maid but the dress for us is $252.00 each. Okay, I know this sounds bad but I thinks that is too much for a brides maid dress and the fact that I live in a new city now and so I also have to plan a weekend trip to the beach because her wedding is on a beach and I think it will a beautiful wedding but that's a bit much for wedding dresses!!!! I had to vent... hahah.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years
First wedding...eloped. $200 and a tank of gas for a two-way trip to Vegas. 2nd wedding....spent $19,000....and fought over whether we should pay for mixed drinks. Only 15 people stupid argument? yes. 3rd wedding....vintage dress on loan, spent $1000 on flowers and champagne...married in a beautiful park for free...we spent $ on a wonderful honeymoon instead. >>finally getting it RIGHT....Priceless.
Soniabonya Soniabonya 7 years
spending about $15,000. Hoping to come in under budget.
Liss1 Liss1 7 years
$23,000? That is crazy, that could be a down payment on a house. We spent a few thousand at the most and we had a great garden wedding, lots of fun.
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