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You KNOW You're 1 of These 22 Types of Co-Workers

Jun 3 2015 - 11:00am

During the daily grind, you probably run into a few people who have a "thing." You know, the co-worker who loves to dish the latest gossip at the water cooler, or the one who comes in at the start of the day, puts on headphones, speaks to no one, and clocks out at the stroke of 5 p.m. It's possible that you are the co-worker who thinks emailing people every hour, on the hour, is a good idea, but hey, we won't judge you. Much. Here are 22 types of people you may run into at some point at the office.

The Easily Distracted

The Clock Watcher

They are out the door at 5 p.m. on the DOT.

The Overly Political

Save it for your blog, people.

The Socially Awkward

Somehow you find yourself alone with them, ALL the time.

The Complainer

Everything is literally the end of the world for this person.

The Lunch Thief

Not. Cool.

The Single and Looking (Unsuccessfully) to Mingle

Just give up.

The Overachiever

We get it, you're awesome.

The Co-Worker Who Emails Every. 5. Seconds.

Or hits "reply all" in a group message with the whole company.

The Oversharer

Some things about your private life, we just DON'T need to know.

The Loner

The Brownnoser

They have no shame and will say or do anything if it means getting on your boss's good side.

The Perpetually Stressed

Someone get this person to a yoga class, PRONTO.

The Procrastinator

The Coffee Addict

Do not, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to interact with them until they have had their morning joe.

The Disgruntled Co-Worker

They are pretty much over it. All of it.

The Intimidator

They are the whip-crackers, and they lay down the law with merely a look.

The Office Gossip

Watch yourself around this one . . .

The Health Nut

You sneak cookies when they aren't looking so they can't judge you.

The Office Entertainer

Aka the equivalent of a class clown.

The Co-Worker Trying to Be Friends Outside of Work

The Actual Friend Outside of Work

They keep us sane.

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