Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs

40 Cheap and Easy Ugly Christmas Sweater DIYs

It's the time of year for Christmas music, holiday cheer, gifts, and food galore. But most importantly, it's the time of year for ugly sweaters. Getting decked out in the tackiest, most ridiculous Christmas sweater has become one of the highlights of the holiday season, but since you (probably) won't be wearing one more than once or twice a year, don't break the bank on your hilarious ensemble. We've found some ugly Christmas sweater DIYs that are easy to do and barely cost a thing. And when in doubt? Just add more glitter.

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Just find the absolute biggest bow that exists and stick it on your sweater. Add a string of lights for an even more eye-catching effect.

Shiny tinsel is always your best bet when making an ugly Christmas sweater — the more, the merrier.

If you don't want to ruin a sweater with glitter and glue, then a snow globe DIY is perfect for you. The decorations are all added onto a plastic bag that goes over your clothes, and the easy craft only requires a few cheap materials.

The chimney plays a pretty important role in Santa Claus's Christmas duties, so build one out of cardboard or paper and deck out your sweater.

A fireplace mantel Christmas ensemble takes holiday DIY crafting to the next level — and we love it!

Make your boring tree sweater go from drab to Christmas fab with lights!

Go all out with a "Santa's Favorite" elf outfit.

Go the extra mile with a sweater that actually lights up like this snow globe DIY.

Stay nice and cozy with a light-up fireplace sweater.

Light up the room (or blind your friends and family) with Christmas sweaters completely decked out in multicolored twinkle lights.

For an ugly Christmas sweater that borders on inappropriate, simply sew on some puns, dolls, and whatever else you need to get your message across.

Take a reindeer Christmas sweater to the next level by adding a few extrahilarious elements.

Decorate the front and back for double the fun.

If you are short on time (or cash!), then simply stick some holiday-colored bows on a sweater you already own.

Combine the regular ugly Christmas sweater elements and some geeky ones with an awesome Grumpy Cat sweater DIY.

A cute gingerbread couple Christmas sweater pair takes no time at all.

Create a handy beverage pocket by sewing on an oven mitt to the front of your sweater. Perfect for parties!

Make your tacky ensemble more fancy with an ugly Christmas dress DIY.

Instead of crafting a Christmas tree onto a sweater, just strategically place ornaments, tinsel, and a star topper to become the tree itself!

Sometimes you just need to keep sewing Christmas-themed items on an article of clothing until there is no room left.

Pair a tree sweater creation with a Rudolph counterpart.

Grab two of your best friends and create a reindeer scene from three sweaters.

If ugly sweaters aren't your cup of eggnog, then go glam with a glittery holiday dress DIY.

Spell something funny in foam letters for a cheeky sweater.

Add details like presents and ornaments to a sweater tree dress to make it super festive.

Cut out a snowman from felt for an adorable sweater.

Don't get rid of your old bottle tops! DIY a Christmas tree or wreath out of your extras.

If you are a Christmas-clothing fanatic, then you'll love this full-blown Christmas living room scene.

A cat pun is a must!

Santa Claus will definitely be coming to a Christmas village!

Keep your sweet Christmas treats close by with a DIY sweater craft that comes complete with candy-cane sleeve additions.

When in doubt, sew holiday-themed characters from movies onto your ugly Christmas sweater.

Rep your favorite show by paying homage to characters you love.

Forget flying reindeer — we love flying cats!

"Oh snap" and "Yeti to Party" are the punny DIY sweaters you need this season.

When in doubt, take all of the Christmas items you have lying around and glue them to a sweater. Add glitter and the masterpiece is complete!

Get a group together, then pick one of your favorite themes to represent on your Christmas sweater.

Create and cut out images from a Christmas movie classic like A Christmas Story. All this DIY needs is an old sweater, a little bit of felt or fabric, and some glue.

This decorative jingle-bell Christmas sweater totally (and tackily) rocks.

You can plaster your significant other's face on your sweater.

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