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Unemployed Men Are More Likely to Divorce

Marriages With Househusbands Are More Likely to End in Divorce

More and more women are holding their own, in terms of bringing home the bacon for the family. However, although the woman's financial role in a marriage has evolved, the old stigmas seem to persist in marriages. A new study by the American Journal of Sociology shows that if the husbands are unemployed, the marriage is more likely to end in divorce than if it were the other way around. The lead author of the study, Liana Sawyer, told Time's Healthland blog, "It's still unacceptable for men to stay home and take care of the kids."

It's not always the women who initiate divorce. The study also found that even unemployed men who were happy in the marriage choose to leave the marriage. Perhaps it's also due to the fact that men find it harder to deal with being without a job than women do because traditional norms dictate that men should provide for the family. Past research has also shown that men are more likely to get depressed than women when faced with unemployment, which can be a big factor in the breakup.

What do you think of house husbands — should men and women be more accepting of stay-at-home dads or stay-at-home dads?

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American-Eagle American-Eagle 5 years
Right before the recession started, I left my crappy job to move over a thousand miles away for my wife's great new job -- and then I couldn't find a new one. She divorced me a year later. There were other circumstances that I won't go into detail here, but it sounds like I have the honor of being a statistic here.
binrenud binrenud 5 years
My husband is a retired stay at home husband who can work if he chooses to but does not. He maintains the home and children while I work full time and run a part time private practice. He has difficulty with it some days and makes uncomfortable comments and other days he takes great pride in how he provides for the family. I think society should be more accepting of stay at home dads. I think men should embrace the stay at home dad concept too if that is how it has to be. For many years men have said to stay at home moms that they could do what mothers do on a daily basis with their eyes closed. It looks like we will soon see about that.
db1974 db1974 5 years
It didn't sound to me like this study focused on "househusbands" per se, but rather, unemployed men. I can imagine that many of the women in these relationships got fed up being both the breadwinner of the family and the housekeeper--something that still happens far too often.
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